Econ Day Highlights 2015

Economics Day is our annual celebration to recognize outstanding achievements by undergraduate and graduate students and exemplary teaching by economics faculty. It is made possible by the generosity of the W.P. Carey Foundation.

Undergraduate Awards

  • Lawrence R. Klein Prize for Outstanding Research by an Undergraduate presented to Peter Hess.
    • Honorable Mention presented to Neeti Singhal.
  • Simon Kuznets Fellowship Award in Economics presented to Alexander Hasslinger and Pearl Li.
  • Bernard Shanbaum Prize for Excellence in Economics presented to Lauren Schumaker.

Graduate Awards

  • Edwin Mansfield Teaching Prize presented to Gloria Allione and Constanza Vergara.
  • Robert Summers Dissertation Fellowship in Economics presented to Daniel Neuhann.
  • The Maloof Family Dissertation Fellowship in Economics presented to Yu (Laura) Liu.
  • Joel Popkin Graduate Student Teaching Prize in Economics presented to Chunzan Wu.
  • Sidney Weintraub Memorial Fellowship in Economics presented to Daniel Hauser.
  • Paul Taubman Memorial Prize for Empirical Economics Research presented to Hui Li.
  • The David Cass/Beth Hayes Prize for Research Accomplishment presented to Yena Park.
  • Hiram C. Haney Fellowship Award in Economics presented to Jan Tilly.
  • William Polk Carey Prize for the Outstanding Economics Dissertation in 2014 presented to Naoki Aizawa (left), Assistant Professor of Economics at the University of Minnesota, and Luigi Bocola (right), who currently serves as a junior scholar at the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis and has accepted a position as Assistant Professor at Northwestern University.

Teaching Awards

  • Irving B. Kravis Prize for Distinction in Undergraduate Teaching for tenure faculty was presented to Harold Cole. and Mallesh Pai.