Economics Day

Economics Day image from the Lower Egypt Room at the Penn Museum

Economics Day is our annual celebration to recognize outstanding achievements by undergraduate and graduate students and exemplary teaching by economics faculty. It is made possible by the generosity of the Department of Economics and the generous support of the W. P. Carey Foundation.

Undergraduate Awards

Lawrence R. Klein Prize for Outstanding Research by an Undergraduate                         
Established to award a senior in the Economics 300 Honors Seminar for outstanding research in Economics.

Simon Kuznets Fellowship Award in Economics
Established to honor and award two juniors with outstanding potential in economics, upon recommendation of the faculty.

Bernard Shanbaum Prize for Excellence in Economics
Established to honor and award a senior, based upon recommendation of the faculty.

Graduate Awards  

The Maloof Family Dissertation Fellowship in Economics
Established to honor an outstanding Economics student at the dissertation level.

Joel Popkin Graduate Student Teaching Prize in Economics                        
Established for outstanding teaching performance by a Teacher Assistant in Economics.

Paul Taubman Memorial Prize for Empirical Economics Research                            
Established for the best empirical study, by a graduate student, in the past year. 

Hiram C. Haney Fellowship Award in Economics            
Established for the best third-year research paper awarded in the past academic year.

Edwin Mansfield Teaching Prize                              
Established for best performance by a recitation instructor in Introduction to Economics.

William Polk Carey Prize for the Outstanding Economics Dissertation
Established to recognize the best doctoral dissertation, in a given academic year, by the Graduate Group in Economics.

David Cass/Beth Hayes Prize for Research Accomplishments
Established and awarded biennially for the best research contribution (which may be a paper or dissertation) in the preceding two years in the Economics PhD program (awarded every other year).

Lawrence Robbins Prize
Established to be awarded at the end of each year to the student judged the best in the first year class.

Teaching Awards 

Irving B. Kravis Prize for Distinction in Undergraduate Teaching       
Established to recognize outstanding undergraduate teaching in Economics. It was the firm belief of Irving Kravis that deep scholarship in Economics goes hand in hand with a commitment to undergraduate teaching. Recipients are selected by polling senior Economics majors by how they rate their professors.