Econ Day 2022

Economics Day is our annual celebration to recognize outstanding achievements by undergraduate and graduate students and exemplary teaching by economics faculty. It is made possible by the generosity of the Department of Economics and Penn Institute for Economic Research with the generous support of the W. P. Carey Foundation and E. B. Cohen Insurance and Risk Management.

Undergraduate Awards

  • Lawrence R. Klein Prize for Outstanding Research by an Undergraduate awarded to Mira Potter-Schwartz and Isaac Tham Hsien Yong
  • Simon Kuznets Fellowship Award in Economics awarded to Veeraj Jindal and Roshie Xing
  • Bernard Shanbaum Prize for Excellence in Economics awarded to Renan Muta and Nianzu Xiong

Graduate Awards

  • The Maloof Family Dissertation Fellowship in Economics awarded to Cuimin Ba
  • Joel Popkin Graduate Student Teaching Prize in Economics awarded to Marcus Tomaino
  • Paul Taubman Memorial Prize for Empirical Economics Research awarded to Minji Bang
  • Hiram C. Haney Fellowship Award in Economics awarded to Aaron Mora Melendez
  • Edwin Mansfield Teaching Prize awarded to Dohan Kim
  • William Polk Carey Prize for the Outstanding Economics Dissertation in 2021 was awarded to Gorkem Bostanci and Joao Granja De Almeida
  • Lawrence Robbins Prize awarded to Alfonso Maselli
  • David Cass/Beth Hayes Fellowship in Economics was not awarded this year.
  • Robert Summers Dissertation Fellowship in Economics was not awarded this year
  • Microeconomics Best Performance: awarded to Mengjia Xia
  • Macroeconomics Best Performance: awarded to Zach Weingarten
  • Econometrics Best Performance: awarded to Oriol González Casasús

Teaching Awards 

  • Irving B. Kravis Certificate for Distinction in Undergraduate Teaching awarded to Professors Xu Cheng tenured, Margaux Luflade tenure track.
  • Irving B. Kravis Award for Exemplary Performance in Teaching Undergraduate Research awarded to Professor Jere Behrman