Admission to the Major

Permission to major in Mathematical Economics is normally obtained by the end of the sophomore year, but planning should begin as early as possible. To be admitted, the student must have completed ECON 0100 (formerly 001), ECON 0200 (formerly 002), MATH 1410 (formerly 114) or 1080, and MATH 2400 (formerly 240). The student must have completed two Mathematics and two Economics courses at the University of Pennsylvania with a minimum combined GPA of 2.0.

Students intending to major in Mathematical Economics are encouraged to take MATH 1080.  If this course cannot be taken it is recommended to take MATH 1610 (formerly 116) (honors version) instead of MATH 1410, and to consider MATH 2600 (formerly 260) rather than MATH 2400 if they are inclined to choose a course on differential equations as their elective.

If a student receives a grade of at least A- in BEPP 1000 (formerly ECON 010), then BEPP 1000 can be used to satisfy the economics prerequisite for ECON 2100 (formerly 101).

Students wishing to declare a Mathematical Economics Major should fill out the appropriate form.  You may contact Emily Romanello, the Economics Undergraduate Coordinator, if you have questions about the major requirements. Once admitted to the major, an Economics advisor is assigned to assist in the selection of courses and to advise on any questions related to the major.

When a student declares a Mathematical Economics Major, the student will be automatically registered on the department major electronic mailing list. This list will be used periodically for notices and events from the Department and the Undergraduate Economics Society.