Undergraduate Economics Society

Penn’s Undergraduate Economics Society (UES) is a student organization that brings together undergraduates at the University of Pennsylvania who share a common interest in economics and its various facets. Through their participation in UES, Penn undergraduates are afforded a unique space beyond the classroom where some of the most meaningful conversations about economics take place.

All undergraduates interested in economics are invited to join the UES. The UES sponsors a lecture series where prominent academics and business professionals speak about current issues in economics and related fields, and it also hosts a job and internship panel, organizes course registration/advising events, publishes articles on various economic subjects, hosts "fireside chats", etc.

If you are interested in learning more about Penn's UES, check out its website or visit its Facebook page. If you are a Penn undergraduate interested in joining, you can learn more about UES on its Penn Clubs page.

Please direct inquiries to the UES Executive Board via email at ues.penn@gmail.com