Working Papers

Paper Number Author Title
13-068 David Dillenberger, Andrew Postlewaite, Kareen Rozen "Optimism and Pessimism with Expected Utility", Fourth Version
13-067 David Dillenberger, Juan Lleras, Philipp Sadowski, Norio Takeoka "A Theory of Subjective Learning", Third Version
13-066 David Dillenberger, Uzi Segal "Skewed Noise"
13-065 David Abrams, Ufuk Akcigit, Jillian Popadak "Patent Value and Citations: Creative Destruction or Strategic Disruption?"
13-064 Minchul Shin, Molin Zhong "Does realized volatility help bond yield density prediction?"
13-063 Francesc Dilme "Dynamic Quality Signaling with Hidden Actions", Second Version
13-062 Xu Cheng, Zhipeng Liao "Select the Valid and Relevant Moments: An Information-Based LASSO for GMM with Many Moments", Second Version
13-061 Xu Cheng, Bruce Hansen "Forecasting with Factor-Augmented Regression: A Frequentist Model Averaging Approach", Second Version
13-060 George J. Mailath, Andrew Postlewaite, Larry Samuelson "Premuneration Values and Investments in Matching Markets"
13-059 Frank Schorfheide, Kenneth I. Wolpin "To Hold Out or Not to Hold Out"
13-058 Yonghong An "Identifying Structural Models of Committee Decisions with Heterogeneous Tastes and Ideological Bias"
13-057 Mian Dai "Regulation and Capacity Competition in Health Care: Evidence from Dialysis Markets"
13-056 Hanming Fang "Inference of Bidders’ Risk Attitudes in Ascending Auctions with Endogenous Entry"
13-055 Antonio Merlo "Identification and Estimation of Preference Distributions When Voters Are Ideological, Second Version"
13-054 Andriy Norets "Semi-Parametric Inference in Dynamic Binary Choice Models"
13-053 Elena Krasnokutskaya, Kyungchul Song "The Role of Quality in Service Markets Organized as Multi-Attribute Auctions"
13-052 Wilfred J. Ethier "The Floating World: Issues in International Trade Theory"
13-051 Ufuk Akcigit, Douglas Hanley, Nicolas Serrano-Velarde "Back to Basics: Basic Research Spillovers, Innovation Policy and Growth
13-050 Ilwoo Hwang "A Theory of Bargaining Deadlock"
13-049 Wilfred J. Ethier "The Trade Agreement Embarrassment", Second Version
13-048 Francesc Dilme, Fei Li "Dynamic Education Signaling with Dropout, Second Version"
13-047 Ilwoo Hwang, Fei Li "Coasian Bargaining with An Arriving Outside Option"
13-046 Rong Hai, Dirk Krueger, Andrew Postlewaite "On the Welfare Cost of Consumption Fluctuations in the Presence of Memorable Goods"
13-045 Mitchell Kellman "Montenegrin Trade Specialization Index"
13-044 George J. Mailath, Larry Samuelson "Reputations in Repeated Games", Second Version
13-043 Maciej Kotowski, Fei Li "On the Continuous Equilibria of Affiliated-Value, All-Pay Auctions with Private Budget Constraints", Second Version
13-042 Francesco Bianchi, Leonardo Melosi "Modeling the Evolution of Expectations and Uncertainty in General Equilibrium"
13-041 Francesco Bianchi, Leonardo Melosi "Constrained Discretion and Central Bank Transparency"
13-040 Nicholas Grau "The Impact of College Admissions Policies on The Performance of High School Students"
13-039 Enriqueta Aragones, Itzhak Gilboa, Andrew Postlewaite, David Schmeidler "Rhetoric and Analogies"
13-038 Yuichi Yamamoto "Individual Learning and Cooperation in Noisy Repeated Games"' (second version)
13-037 Simone Cerreia-Vioglio, David Dillenberger, Pietro Ortoleva "Cautious Expected Utility and the Certainty Effect"
13-036 Jesus Fernandez-Villaverde, Pablo Guerrón-Quintana, Juan Rubio-Ramirez "Estimating Dynamic Equilibrium Models with Stochastic Volatility"
13-035 Dirk Krueger, Alexander Ludwig "Optimal Progressive Taxation and Education Subsidies in a Model of Endogenous Human Capital Formation"
13-034 George J. Mailath, Larry Samuelson "Reputations in Repeated Games"
13-033 Chong Huang, Fei Li "Bargaining While Learning About New Arrivals", Second Version
13-032 Francesco Bianchi, Leonardo Melosi "Dormant Shocks and Fiscal Virtue"
13-031 Francesco Bianchi, Leonardo Melosi "Constrained Discretion and Central Bank Transparency"
13-030 Francesco Bianchi, Leonardo Melosi "Modeling the Evolution of Expectations and Uncertainty in General Equilibrium"
13-029 Leonardo Melosi "Signaling Effects of Monetary Policy"
13-028 George J. Mailath, Andrew Postlewaite, Larry Samuelson "Stable Matching with Incomplete Information, Second Version"
13-027 Uriel Spiegel "Are All Technological Improvements Beneficial? Absolutely Not"
13-026 Philippe Aghion, Ufuk Akcigit, Peter Howitt "What Do We Learn From Schumpeterian Growth Theory?"
13-025 Philippe Aghion, Ufuk Akcigit, Jesus Fernandez-Villaverde "Optimal Capital Versus Labor Taxation with Innovation-Led Growth"
13-024 Kenneth Burdett, Guido Menzio "(Q, S, s) Pricing Rules"
13-023 Fei Li "Efficient Learning and Job Turnover in the Labor Market"
13-022 Olivier Compte, Andrew Postlewaite "Folk Theorems, Second Version"
13-021 Songnian Chen, Shakeeb Khan "Informational Content of Special Regressors in Heteroskedastic Binary"
13-020 Olivier Compte, Andrew Postlewaite "Belief free equilibria"
13-019 Rong Hai "The Determinants of Rising Inequality in Health Insurance and Wages: An Equilibrium Model of Workers' Compensation and Health Care Policies"