Martha and Jonathan Cohen Distinguished Visitors Program

The Martha and Jonathan Cohen Distinguished Visitors Program was introduced in 2003. This program aims to bring to the University of Pennsylvania outstanding scholars in all areas of economics; to give public lectures, including the annual Elias B. Cohen lecture, and to interact individually with the Penn Economics community, including both students and faculty. To date, more than 30 prominent economists have visited Penn, thanks to this program, which is funded with generous gifts from Martha and Jonathan Cohen.

2020 - 2021 Visitors

Oded Galor  

Oded Galor is an Israeli economist who is currently Herbert H. Goldberger Professor of Economics at Brown University. He is the founder of unified growth theory. Galor has contributed to the understanding of process of development over the entire course of human history and the role of deep-rooted factors in the transition from stagnation to growth and in the emergence of the vast inequality across the globe. Moreover, he has pioneered the exploration of the impact of human evolution, population diversity, and inequality on the process of development over most of human existence.

MW   Michael Dean Woodford is an American macroeconomist and monetary theorist who currently teaches at Columbia University. Woodford's early research topics included sunspot equilibria, and imperfect competition. Thereafter he began to work on macroeconomic models with sticky prices; he contributed to the development of one of the first microfounded New Keynesian macroeconomic models. Since then he has used this framework to study many topics related to monetary policy, including the fiscal theory of the price level,the effectiveness of monetary policy as consumers use more credit and less cash and inflation targeting rules.