4th PIER Workshop on Quantitative Tools for Macroeconomic Policy Analysis

April 30 - May 4, 2018

The Penn Institute for Economic Research introduced in 2015 a unique workshop providing essential training on state-of-the-art quantitative tools for analyzing macroeconomic policy from the world’s leading experts at the University of Pennsylvania. The workshop consists of three mini-courses on financial and macro monitoring and forecasting (taught by Professor Frank Diebold), nonlinear models of financial crises and macroprudential policy (taught by Enrique Mendoza) and recent advances in DSGE modeling.  Professor Jesus Fernandez Villaverde will join the workshop’s faculty team in 2018 teaching the DSGE modeling course. Each course includes six hours of faculty lectures plus three hours of lab sessions in which participants are trained on the use of various tools. The workshop also includes a half-day session taught by Professor Mendoza on public debt sustainability with an additional lab session. All workshop materials (presentations, readings, codes, and handouts) are provided in advance through a secured website. The program also includes three distinguished guest lectures on macro policy issues, two given by prominent outside speakers (such as Guillermo Calvo, Gary Gorton, Tom Sargent and Chris Sims) and the Penn Faculty lecture, which in 2018 will be given by Jose Victor Rios-Rull.

Please visit again this website for further details that will be available soon, and to access the registration form that will be available in the Fall. 

Highlights from the 2017 Workshop


Professor Frank Schorfeide's Lecture on 
"Recent Advances in the Econometric 
Analysis of DSGE Models."

Professor Francis X. Diebold's lecture on
"Aspects of Modeling and Forecasting
for Financial Markets and Macro Fundamentals."

Professor Enrique Mendoza's lecture on
"Quantitative Models of Financial Crises 
and Macroprudential Analysis."

Professor Jesus Fernandez Villaverde's
Distinguished Guest Lecture on
"The Macroeconomics of Uncertainty."

Distinguished Guest Lecture by Professor
Christopher A. Sims on "Is there
something Fishy about the Fiscal Theory
of the Price Level."


Distinguished Guest Lecture by Professor
Guillermo A. Calvo on "From
Chronic Inflation to Chronic Deflation:
Liquidity Mischief" 


 Lunch Break

 Dinner at Positano Coast