Economics Honor Program

To earn Honors in Economics, students must have an Economics GPA of at least 3.5 and satisfactorily pass (see below) ECON 4900 (formerly 300). This is a single course that meets for two-semesters and counts as two course units. ECON 4900 counts as only one course toward the major, and may count toward one of the four 4000-level (formerly 200-level) course requirements. Consequently, honors majors have eleven economics course units. (The Economics GPA is based on economics courses.)

Enrollment in ECON 4900 is only possible with the permission of the instructor. As a guideline for admission, students should have taken ECON 2100 (formerly 101), 2200 (formerly 102), 2300 (formerly 103), 2310 (formerly 104) (ECON 2310 may be taken concurrently in the Fall), and two 4000-level economics courses with an Economics GPA of at least 3.5.

Enrollment in the Honors Seminar is during the Fall semester only. Credit is awarded only upon completion of both semesters of ECON 4900. Students who do not enroll in and complete the second semester of the Honors Seminar do not receive credit for the first semester.

Assignments for ECON Honors 4900 include the completion of a research paper to be supervised by faculty. Grades of B- or higher must be earned on the research paper and in the Honors Seminar itself for the student to graduate with Honors.

Forms necessary for admission to Honors 4900 are available from the Undergraduate Coordinator in the Economics Department.

Examples of Honors Theses in Economics: