Paper Number Author Title
21-016 Xiaoying Liu, Huazhang Miao, Jere R. Behrman, Emily Hannum, Zhijiang Liang, Qingguo Zhao The Asian Games, Air Pollution and Birth Outcomes in South China: an Instrumental Variable Approach
21-015 Roberto Mariano, Suleyman Ozmucur Fighting COVID-19: Patterns in International Data, Expanded
21-014 Yuanyuan Deng, Hanming Fang, Katja Hanewald, Shang Wu Delay the Pension Age or Adjust the Pension Benefit? Implications for Labor Supply and Individual Welfare in China
21-013 Alan Heston, D.S. Prasada Rao Price Levels, Size, Distribution and Growth of the World Economy: Insights from recent International Comparisons of Prices and Real Product
21-012 Juan Pablo Atal, Jose Ignacio Cuesta, Felipe Gonzalez, Cristobal Otero The Economics of the Public Option: Evidence from Local Pharmaceutical Markets
21-011 Harold L. Cole, Daniel Neuhann, Guillermo Ordonez Information Spillovers in Sovereign Debt Markets
21-010 Jere R. Behrman, Le Thuc Duc Adolescent Cognitive Gender Gaps Reflect Differential Dynamic Associations with Undernutrition and Poverty in Preschool and Preadolescent Ages
21-009 Jesus Fernandez-Villaverde Cryptocurrencies and All That: Two Ideas from Monetary Economics
21-008 Jesus Fernandez-Villaverde Has Machine Learning Rendered Simple Rules Obsolete?
21-007 Justine Herve, Subha Mani, Jere R. Behrman, Arindam Nandi, Anjana Sankhil Lamkang, Ramanan Laxminarayan Gender Gaps in Cognitive and Noncognitive Skills: Roles of SES and Gender Attitudes
21-006 David Dillenberger, Uzi Segal Allocation Mechanisms Without Reduction
21-005 Aislinn Bohren, Daniel Hauser Learning with Heterogeneous Misspecified Models: Characterization and Robustness
21-004 Andreas Georgiadis, Liza Benny, Paul Dornan, Jere R. Behrman Maternal Undernutrition in Adolescence and Child Human Capital Formation over the Life-Course: Evidence from an International Cohort Study
21-003 Wayne Yuan Gao , Andrew Postlewaite, Holger Sieg Using Monotonicity Restrictions to Identify Models with Partially Latent Covariates
21-002 Francis X. Diebold, Minchul Shin, Boyuan Zhang On the Aggregation of Probability Assessments: Regularized Mixtures of Predictive Densities for Eurozone Inflation and Real Interest Rates
21-001 Xiaoying Liu, Jere R. Behrman, Emily Hannum, Fan Wang, Qingguo Zhao Same environment, stratified impacts? Air pollution, extreme temperatures, and birth weight in south China
20-041 Enrique G. Mendoza, Eugenio Rojas, Linda L. Tesar, Jing Zhang A Macroeconomic Model of Healthcare Saturation, Inequality & the Output-Pandemia Tradeoff
20-040 Roberto Mariano, Suleyman Ozmucur Fighting COVID-19: Performance of Countries in the First Half of 2020
20-039 Frank Schorfheide, Dongho Song Real-Time Forecasting with a (Standard) Mixed-Frequency VAR During a Pandemic
20-038 Timothy Christensen, Hyungsik Roger Moon, Frank Schorfheide Robust Forecasting
20-037 S. Boragan Aruoba, Pablo Cuba-Borda, Kenji Higa-Flores, Frank Schorfheide Piecewise-Linear Approximations and Filtering for DSGE Models with Occasionally Binding Constraints
20-036 Hanming Fang, Zenan Wu Consumer Vulnerability and Behavioral Biases
20-035 Hanming Fang, Chunmian Ge, Hanwei Huang, Hongbin Li Pandemics, Global Supply Chains, and Local Labor Demand: Evidence from 100 Million Posted Jobs in China
20-034 Roberto Mariano, Suleyman Ozmucur Lawrence R. Klein’s Principles in Modeling and Contributions in Nowcasting, Real-Time Forecasting, and Machine Learning
20-033 Helios Herrera, Maximilian Konradt, Guillermo Ordonez, Christoph Trebesch Corona Politics: The cost of mismanaging pandemics
20-032 Nicola Fuchs-Schundeln, Dirk Krueger, Alexander Ludwig The Long-Term Distributional and Welfare Effects of Covid-19 School Closures
20-031 Sekyu Choi, José-Víctor Ríos-Rull Labor Share and Productivity Dynamics
20-030 Satyajit Chatterjee , Dean Corbae, Kyle Dempsey, José-Víctor Ríos-Rull A Quantitative Theory of the Credit Score
20-029 Roberto Mariano, Suleyman Ozmucur Predictive Performance of Mixed-Frequency Nowcasting and Forecasting Models (with Application to Philippine Inflation and GDP Growth)
20-028 Enrique G. Mendoza FiPIt: A Simple, Fast Global Method for Solving Models with Two Endogenous States & Occasionally Binding Constraints
20-027 Javier Bianchi, Enrique G. Mendoza A Fisherian Approach to Financial Crises: Lessons from the Sudden Stops Literature
20-026 David Dillenberger, Daniel Gottlieb, Pietro Ortoleva Stochastic Impatience and the Separation of Time and Risk Preferences
20-025 Rong Hai, Dirk Krueger, Andrew Postlewaite On the Welfare Cost of Consumption Fluctuations in the Presence of Memorable Goods
20-024 Vikesh Amin, Jere R. Behrman, Jason M. Fletcher, Carlos A. Flores, Alfonso Flores-Lagunes, Hans-Peter Kohler Genetic Risks, Adolescent Health and Schooling Attainment
20-023 Francis X. Diebold Real-Time Real Economic Activity: Exiting the Great Recession and Entering the Pandemic Recession
20-022 Hanming Fang, Long Wang, Yang Yang Competition and Quality: Evidence from High-Speed Railways and Airlines
20-021 David Dillenberger, R. Vijay Krishna, Philipp Sadowski Subjective Information Choice Processes
20-020 David Dillenberger, Collin Raymond Additive-Belief-Based Preferences
20-019 Xu Cheng, Winston Wei Dou, Zhipeng Liao Macro-Finance Decoupling: Robust Evaluations of Macro Asset Pricing Models
20-018 Ashwin Kambhampati, Carlos Segura-Rodriguez Optimal Team Formation Under Asymmetric Information
20-017 Shanglyu Deng, Hanming Fang, Qiang Fu, Zenan Wu Confidence Management in Tournaments
20-016 Jorge Alé-Chilet, Juan Pablo Atal, Patricio Domínguez Activity and the incidence of emergencies: Evidence from daily data at the onset of a pandemic
20-015 Dirk Krueger, Harald Uhlig, Taojun Xie Macroeconomic Dynamics and Reallocation in an Epidemic
20-014 Andrew Glover, Jonathan Heathcote, Dirk Krueger, José-Víctor Ríos-Rull Health versus Wealth: On the Distributional Effects of Controlling a Pandemic
20-013 Christopher Busch, Dirk Krueger, Alexander Ludwig, Zainab Iftikhar Should Germany Have Built a New Wall?Macroeconomic Lessons from the 2015-18 Refugee Wave
20-012 Francis X. Diebold, Maximilian Gobel, Glenn Rudebusch, Boyuan Zhang Optimal Combination of Arctic Sea Ice Extent Measures: A Dynamic Factor Modeling Approach
20-011 Hanming Fang, Long Wang, Yang Yang Human Mobility Restrictions and the Spread of the Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) in China
20-010 Jesus Fernandez-Villaverde Simple Rules for a Complex World with Artificial Intelligence
20-009 Juan Pablo Atal, Hanming Fang, Martin Karlsson, Nicolas Ziebarth Long-Term Health Insurance: Theory Meets Evidence
20-008 Hanming Fang, Yongqin Wang, Xian Wu The Collateral Channel of Monetary Policy: Evidence from China