Related Programs at Penn

For convenient reference, below are a number of doctoral programs at the University of Pennsylvania, which involve a significant amount of economic (or related) analysis. More details can be found on the web sites of the individual departments and information about admissions, aid, etc. can be obtained directly from the appropriate graduate group.

Population Studies

The graduate program in demography focuses on the determinants and consequences of population size and structure, with particular attention given to the relationship between changes in fertility, mortality, marriage and migration, and changes in economic and social conditions. The program provides training in demographic methods, as well as applications of economics and the sociology of the study of demographic events.

Selected Wharton Doctoral Programs:


This program provides students with a solid foundation in the theoretical and empirical tools of modern finance; drawing heavily on the discipline of economics. The department prepares students for careers in research and teaching at the world's leading academic institutions, focusing on asset pricing and portfolio management, corporate finance, international finance, financial institutions, and macroeconomics.

Operations, Information and Decisions

This program emphasizes research on real management problems and maintains a balance between theory and implementation. The faculty trains scholars in decision processes and information, and decision technologies, information strategy, operations management, and operations research.

Applied Economics

This highly analytical and quantitative program is designed to admit and train a cohort of exceptionally able doctoral students, who show promise for academic careers in fundamental and applied research and teaching. Entering students need a strong undergraduate preparation in both mathematics and microeconomics and an aptitude for analytical thinking. Students begin with courses in economic theory and econometrics and then specialize in areas related to those of the core Wharton faculty.


The Management Department offers a flexible and interdisciplinary program that applies social science theory and research methods to management problems. It offers specializations in entrepreneurship, human resource management, international business, organizational behavior, organizational theory, and strategy.