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Job Market 2022-2023

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Iourii Manovskii 
Professor of Economics

Holger Sieg
Professor of Economics

Gina Conway
Graduate Program Coordinator 
Main Department: 215-898-7701

Vita Pack 2022

2022-23 Job Market Candidates

Candidate Name

Research Interest

Job Market Paper

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Andrew Arnold

Empirical Industrial Organization, Political Economy, and Public Economics

Estimating a Dynamic Game of Political Advertising

Holger Sieg

Cuimin Ba


Microeconomic Theory, Information Economics, Behavioral Economics

Robust Misspecified Models and Paradigm Shifts

Aislinn Bohren 

George Mailath

Emilio Borghesan


Labor Economics, Economics of Education, Applied Econometrics

The Heterogeneous Effects of Changing SAT Requirements in Admissions: An Equilibrium Evaluation

Petra Todd

Sara Casella


Macroeconomics, Labor Economics, Macro-Finance

Women's Labor Force Participation and the Business Cycle

Jesus Fernandez-Villaverde

Dirk Krueger

Assa Cohen


Financial Frictions, Macroeconomics

Concentration in OTC Markets and its Impact on Financial Stability

Guillermo Ordonez

Alice Gindin


Microeconomic Theory and Political Economy

Dynamic Political Investigations: Obstruction and the Optimal Timing of Accusations

Aislinn Bohren

Jincheng (Eric) Huang


Macroeconomics, Labor Economics and Household Finance

Precautionary Mismatch

Victor Rios-Rull

Nawaaz Khalfan


Microeconomic Theory, Information Economics, Search and Exploration, Mechanism and Market Design, Game Theory

Optimal Allocation with Noisy Inspection

George Mailath

Rakesh Vohra

Dohan Kim


Macroeconomics and Banking

The Asymmetric Bank Distress Amplifier of Recessions

Enrique Mendoza

Guillermo Ordonez

Omer Koru

Macroeconomics, Labor Economics, Inequality

Technology Adoption by Firms and Distribution of Factor Income

Dirk Krueger

Lucie L’Heudé

Empirical Industrial Organization

The Decline of Local News Coverage: Evidence from U.S. Newspapers

Holger Sieg

Ricardo Marto



Structural Change and the Rise in Markups

Jeremy Greenwood

Felipe Mazin


Macroeconomics, International Macroeconomics, Demographic Economics

Population Aging in Advanced and Emerging Economies: Capital Flows and Fiscal Spillovers

Dirk Kreuger

Sean McCrary


Macroeconomics, Labor Economics, and Computational Economics

A Job Ladder Model of Firm, Worker, and Earnings Dynamics

Victor Rios-Rull

Dick Oosthuizen


Macroeconomics, Computational Economics, Housing Economics

Institutional Housing Investors and the Great Recession

Enrique Mendoza

Victor Rios-Rull

Elsie Peng


Applied Microeconomics, Public Economics, Urban/Spatial Economics, Empirical Industrial Organization

The Dynamics of Urban Development: Evidence from New York

Gilles Duranton

Holger Sieg

Xincheng Qiu


Macroeconomics, Labor Economics, Public Economics

Vacant Jobs

Hanming Fang

Iourii Manovskii

Jason Sockin

Labor and Personnel Economics

Show Me the Amenity: Are Higher-Paying Firms Better All Around?

Andrew Shephard

Pedro Brandao Solti

Microeconomic Theory, Information Design, Learning Games

Social Learning with Heterogeneous Preferences

Andy Postlewaite

George Mailath

Di Tian


Asset Pricing, Macro Finance, Industrial Organization and Applied Econometrics

Do Intermediaries Matter for Stock Returns? A Dynamic Demand System Approach

Xu Cheng

Winston Wei Dou

Xiaoliang Wang


Asset Pricing, International Macro Finance, Monetary Policy and Econometrics

Exchange Rates, US Monetary Policy and the Global Portfolio Flows

Nikolai Roussanov

Frank Schorfheide

Jungsoo Yoo


Urban Economics, Real Estate Economics, Applied Microeconomics, Public Economics

Local Attachment and Residential Mobility: Evidence from White Flight in Boston

Holger Sieg

Boyuan Zhang


Econometrics, Machine Learning, Applied Macroeconomics, Climate Econometrics

Incorporating Prior Knowledge of Latent Group Structure in Panel Data Models

Francis X. Diebold

Frank Schorfheide