Job Market Candidates

Job Market 2017-2018

Placement Officers: Placement Coordinator:
Iourii Manovskii
Associate Professor of Economics

Andrew Postlewaite 
Professor of Economics

Kelly A Quinn 
Graduate Program Coordinator 
Main Department: 215-898-7701
•  Vita Pack 2018
Name Interests Title of Job Market Paper Advisors

Raphael Galvao

Macroeconomics, Financial Economics

Political Economy of Transparency
Guillermo Ordonez

Qing Gong

Public Economics, Health Economics

Physician Learning and Treatment Choices: Evidence from Brain Aneurysms
Hanming Fang

Pengfei Han

Macroeconomics, Economic Growth, Innovation, Entrepreneurship

Intellectual Property Rights and the Theory of the Innovating Firm
Jeremy Greenwood

Zahra Mohammadi

Health Economics, Empirical Microeconomics, Public Policy

The Effects of Prescription Drug Monitoring Programs on the Opioid Abuse Epidemic
Petra Todd

Gokhan Oz

Industrial Organization, Innovation, Law and Economics

Monetization of Ideas: Estimating Inventors' Gains Under Alternative Patent Enforcement Regimes
Holger Sieg

Zhesheng Qiu

Macroeconomics, Bounded Rationality, Money and Banking

Level-k DSGE and Monetary Policy
José-Víctor Ríos-Rull

Benjamin Rosa

Industrial Organization, Public Economics

Subcontracting Requirements and the Cost of Government Procurement
Hanming Fang

David Zarruk Valencia

Macroeconomics, Macro-Finance, Taxation, Inequality and Computational Macroeconomics

Wall Street or Main Street: Who to Bail Out?
Dirk Krueger, Jesus Fernandez-Villaverde

Weilong Zhang

Labor Economics, Education Economics, Family Economics, Psychology Economics

Distributional Effects of Local Minimum Wage Hikes: A Spatial Job Search Approach
Christopher Flinn, Petra Todd