Job Market Candidates

Job Market 2018-2019

Placement Officers: Placement Coordinator:
Guillermo Ordonez
Associate Professor of Economics

Andrew Postlewaite 
Professor of Economics

Gina Conway
Graduate Program Coordinator 
Main Department: 215-898-7701
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2018-19 Job Market Candidates

Name Interests Title of Job Market Paper Advisors

Minsu Chang

Quantitative Macroeconomics, Econometrics

A House Without a Ring: The Role of Changing Marital Transitions for Housing Decisions
Jesus Fernandez-Villaverde, Frank Schorfheide

Yiran Chen

Labor Economics, Public Economics, Empirical Microeconomics

A Structural Analysis of Job Referrals and Social Networks: The Case of the Corporate Executives Market
Hanming Fang

Xiang Fang

International Finance, Asset Pricing, Macro-Finance, and Financial Intermediation

Intermediary Leverage and Currency Risk Premium
Urban Jermann, Nikolai Roussanov

Kory Kantenga

Labor Economics, Macroeconomics, Applied Econometrics

The Effect of Job-Polarizing Skill Demands on the US Wage Structure
Iourii Manovskii

Joonbae Lee

Applied Microeconomic Theory, Labor Economics

Wage Dynamics with Developing Asymmetric Information
Kenneth Burdett, Benjamin Lester

Nishant Ravi

Microeconomic Theory, Information Economics, Dynamic Games and Contracts

When and How to Reward Bad News (with Aditya Kuvalekar)
George J. Mailath, Steven Matthews

Eugenio Rojas

International Economics, Heterogeneous Agents, Quantitative Macroeconomics

Firm Heterogeneity & the Transmission of Financial Shocks During the European Debt Crisis
Enrique G. Mendoza

Paul Sangrey

Econometrics, Financial Economics

Jumps, Realized Densities, and News Premia
Francis X. Diebold, Frank Schorfheide

Hanna Wang

Labor economics, Family economics, Search and Matching

Fertility and Family Leave Policies in Germany: Optimal Policy Design in a Dynamic Framework
Petra Todd

Junyuan Zou

Financial Economics, Macroeconomics, Information Economics, Search Theory, Over-the-Counter Markets

Information Acquisition and Liquidity Traps in Over-the-Counter Markets
Itay Goldstein, Guillermo Ordonez