Job Market Candidates

Job Market 2021-2022

Placement Officers: Placement Coordinator:
Iourii Manovskii 
Professor of Economics

Holger Sieg
Professor of Economics

Gina Conway
Graduate Program Coordinator 
Main Department: 215-898-7701
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2021-22 Job Market Candidates

Name Interests Title of Job Market Paper Advisors

Edvard Bakhitov

Econometrics, Machine Learning, Empirical Industrial Organization

Automatic Debiased Machine Learning in Presence of Endogeneity

Minji Bang

Applied Microeconomics, Labor Economics and Public Economics

Job Flexibility and Household Labor Supply: Understanding Gender Gaps and the Child Wage Penalty
Holger Sieg, Petra Todd

Sarah George

Empirical Industrial Organization, Applied Microeconomics

Adoption of a New Technology with Frictions: Evidence from the Transition from IPv4 to IPv6

Akihisa Kato

Macroeconomics, Family Economics, Fiscal Policy

Optimal Progressive Income Taxation and Endogenous Marriage and Divorce
José-Víctor Ríos-Rull

Changhwa Lee

Microeconomic Theory, Mechanism and Information Design, Industrial Organization, Discrimination

Optimal Recommender System Design
George J. Mailath, Rakesh Vohra

Sherwin Lott

General equilibrium theory with applications to: micro finance, information aggregation, and computational macro.

Redefining Information and Efficiency to Understand Technical Analysis
Jesus Fernandez-Villaverde

Jinfeng Luo

Macro Labor, Entrepreneurship, and Monetary Economics

Worker Turnover and Employment Fluctuations
José-Víctor Ríos-Rull

Yueyuan Ma

Macroeconomics, Economic Growth, Innovation, Labor Economics

Specialization in a Knowledge Economy
Jeremy Greenwood

Jason Sockin

Labor, Personnel, and Macro Economics

Show Me the Amenity: Are Higher-Paying Firms Better All Around?
Ioana Marinescu

Ni Wang

Labor Economics, Macroeconomics

Job Attachment and Life Cycle Gender Wage Differences
José-Víctor Ríos-Rull

Yaacov Wittman

Macroeconomics, Household Finance, Economics of Education

College Admissions and the (Mis)Allocation of Talent
Dirk Krueger