Placement Information

The market for economists remains strong: universities, colleges, business firms, international organizations, and government agencies have numerous openings, and graduates of high quality Ph.D. programs have no difficulty in finding rewarding positions that pay well.

The Penn Economics Department assists its Ph.D. candidates to find appropriate positions by circulating everyone's credentials to well over a thousand employers of Ph.D.- level economists, by advising students at every step of the job hunting process (i.e., application procedures, interviews, presentation of research seminars, negotiations, and decisions), and by urging particular employers to consider qualified Penn students. An established member of the senior faculty serves as Graduate Placement Officer to coordinate the process and help all students. Individual faculty members in the student's field (including the primary dissertation advisor) offer extensive personal help.

Resources are also available through Penn Career Services, which employs professional counselors specifically for graduate students.

During recent years, Penn students have accepted academic positions at Boston University, Brown, UCLA, and Carnegie Mellon, University of Chicago, Columbia, Cornell, and Georgetown, University of Illinois, Indiana University, University of Iowa, University of Michigan, University of Minnesota, MIT (Sloan), New York University, University of North Carolina (Chapel Hill), Northwestern, Princeton, Purdue, Rutgers, Stanford, Williams, and Yale, among others.

Nonacademic positions have been accepted, at Bell Laboratories, the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System, the Federal Trade Commission, the International Monetary Fund, and the World Bank. Many foreign students return to their native countries and take important public, private, and university positions.

The following is a list of offers accepted by Penn students:

Ando, Yoshiki - Boston University (post-doc) & Singapore Management University (SMU) in July 2025

Bednarek, Pawel - Cornerstone 

Goonetilleke, Priyanka - Northwestern (Visiting Assistant Professor of Law)

Huetsch, Leon - University of Lausanne

Hui, Kathleen - U.S. Department of Justice 

Kim, Min - Vanguard

Kuriksha, Artem - Uber

Lam, Justin Franco - Hong Kong Monetary Authority

Mora Melendez, Aaron - University of South Carolina 

Morales Mendoza, Rodrigo - Ave Maria University

Ritto, Joao - University of Toronto

Wang, Shasha - World Bank

Yuan, Zhemin - Jinan University 

Andrew Arnold - Department of Justice's Economic Analysis Group

Cuimin Ba - University of Pittsburgh

Emilio Borghesan - Industrial Relations section at Princeton (post-doc) before joining University of Michigan

Sara Casella - LUISS Joint with EIEF and Stockholm IIES (post-doc)

Assa Cohen - Finance Department in Yeshiva University's Sy Syms School of Business

Alice Gindin - Middlebury College 

Sajad Ghorbani - Cornerstone Research 

Jincheng (Eric) Huang - IMF

Nawaaz KhalfanMonash University

Dohan Kim - Bank of Korea

Lucie L'Heude - Bates White

David Mao - Uber

Sean McCraryOhio State University

Marko Mlikota Geneva Graduate Institute

Dick Oosthuizen - NERA Economic Consulting

Elsie PengGoldman Sachs Global Investment Research

Xincheng Qiu - Arizona State University

Pedro Brandao Solti - Qtron Investments

Di Tian - HKUST

Ricardo Vieira Marto - St Louis Fed

Xiaoliang Wang - HKUST

Kan Xu - Department of Information Systems at Carey School of Business, Arizona State University

Jungsoo Yoo - Charles River Associates

Ryan Zalla - Vanguard

Boyuan Zhang - Amazon (post-doctoral scientist)



Edvard Bakhitov - Facebook

Minji Bang - City University of Hong Kong

Sarah George - Microsoft

Akihisa Kato - Osaka University (Bank of Japan (post doc))

Changhwa Lee - Bristol (Rochester Business School (post doc))

Sherwin Lott - Susquehanna International Group 

Jinfeng Luo -  Lingnan university  (Bonn (post doc))

Yueyuan Ma - University of California, Santa Barbara

Jason Sockin - US Treasury

Ni Wang - IMF

Yaacov Wittman - Cornerstone

Jianhong Xin -  Amazon as an Applied Scientist

Gorkem Bostanci – University of British Columbia

Omer Faruk – Penn State University, Visiting Assistant Professor

Marc Folch –  Postdoc Center for the Economics of Human Development 

Philippe Goulet Coulombe – University of Quebec at Montreal

Joao Granja De Almeida – University College London (UCL) 

Youngsoo Heo – Korea Development Institute 

Michal Hodor –Tel Aviv University (Coller School of Management)

Ashwin Kambhampati – US Naval Academy 

Tomas Larroucau – Arizona State University 

Hanbaek Lee – University of Tokyo (next year postdoc at Cambridge) 

Desen Lin – Cal State Fullerton 

Ruizhi Ma – Analysis Group 

Alejandro Sanchez Becerra – Emory (next year postdoc at NYU) 

Kris Shaw - University of Manitoba

Seung-Ryong Shin - Korea Development Institute 

Gabrielle Vasey  - Concordia University (next year postdoc at Harvard Kennedy School) 

Sergio Villalvazo – Federal Reserve Board 

Wu Zhu - Tsinghua SEM Finance

Harun Alp - Federal Reserve Board

Sumedh Ambokar - Capital One

Brian Collopy - Amazon

Mallick Hossain - Philadelphia Fed

Ming Li - Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shenzhen

Minshen Li -

Zhenqi Liu - Johns Hopkins University

Andre Victor Luduvice - Cleveland Fed

Paolo Martellini - Wisconsin (next year, postdoc at Mpls. Fed)

Qi Pan - The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shenzhen

Stefano Pietrosanti - Bank of Italy

Kian Samaee - Charles River Associates

Peng Shao - Auburn University

Le Xu - Shanghai Jiao Tong University

Gloria Allione – Bank of Italy

Minsu Chang – Georgetown University

Yiran Chen – Cornerstone

Xiang Fang – The University of Hong Kong, Finance

Timothy Hursey – Afiniti

Kory Kantenga – Cornerstone

Joonbae Lee – KISDI (Korea Institute for Information Society and Development)

Nishant Ravi – Indian School of Business

Eugenio Rojas – University of Florida

Paul Sangrey – Amazon (Seattle)

Carlos Luis Segura-Rodriguez – Central Bank of Costa Rica

Takeaki Sunada – University of Rochester

Hanna Wang – Autonoma Barcelona/Move

Junyuan Zou - INSEAD

Raphael Galvao - Universidad Alberto Hurtado, Chile 

Qing Gong – University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

Pengfei Han – Peking University

Zahra Mohammadi – Capital One

Maria Jose Orraca Corona - Ministry of Finance, Mexico

Gokhan Oz – Analysis Group

Zhesheng Qiu - City University of Hong Kong

Benjamin Rosa – Virginia Tech

David Zarruk Valencia – ITAM

Weilong Zhang – Cambridge University

  • Rodrigo Azuero Melo - IMPAQ International

  • Alberto Ciancio - Penn Populations Studies Department - Post Doc

  • Mustafa Dogan - Post-Doc at Heinz College at Carnegie Mellon University

  • Kristijan Gjorgjevik - Cornerstone Reseach - Associate

  • Daniel Hauser - 2 Year Post-Doc at Aalto University - Finland

  • Juan Manual Hernandez - Inter American Development Bank

  • Nicholas Janetos - Penn Wharton Public Policy Initiative - Research Analyst

  • Ami Ko - Georgetown University

  • Yunan Li - City University of Hong Kong

  • Laura Liu - Federal Reserve Board

  • Yang Liu - University of Hong Kong

  • Rossa O'Keeffe-O'Donovan - Oxford Post-Doc

  • Pau Pereira-Batlle - Amazon

  • Jan Tilly - QuantCo (Start-up)

  • Daniel Wills - Universidad de Los Andes, Econ

  • Mauricio Calani -  Central Bank of Chile

  • Gustavo Camilo Vincent - Cornerstone Research

  • Murat Celik - University of Toronto

  • Hongseok Choi - City University of Hong Kong, Finance

  • Selman Erol - Carnegie Mellon University (Tepper)

  • Ju Hu - Peking University

  • Junwen Liu - Black Rock

  • Ekim Muyan - Cornerstone Research

  • Daniel Neuhann - University of Texas, Austin

  • Devin Reilly- Analysis Group

  • Francisco Silva - Universidad Catolica, Chile

  • Yu Wang - Ryerson University

  • Yanhao Wei - University of Southern California, Marshall

  • Chunzan Wu - University of Miami

  • Yin Yin Yu - Vanguard, Senior Research Economist

  • Diego Amador - Universidad de los Andes (Colombia)

  • Sina Ates - Federal Reserve Board of Governors

  • Salome Baslandze - Einaudi Institute for Economics and Finance  (EIEF)

  • Garth Baughman - Federal Reserve Board of Governors

  • Lorenzo Braccini - Bank of Italy

  • Rudolph Henkel - Ursinus College

  • Zehao Hu - Xiamen University 

  • Yumi Koh - Singapore Management University

  • Tzuo Hann Law - Boston College

  • Hui Li - Carnegie Mellon University (Tepper)

  • Qiusha Peng - Cambridge Busines School (Post-doc)

  • Kotbee Shin - Korean Institute of International Econ Policy

  • Minchul Shin - University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

  • Seul-ki Shin - Penn Wharton Public Policy Initiative (Economist)

  • Zachary Stangebye - University of Notre Dame

  • Fan Wang - University of Houston

  • Zenan Wu - Peking University

  • Molin Zhong - Federal Reserve Board of Governors

  • Naoki Aizawa - University of Minnesota

  • Tanida Arayvechkit - City University of Hong Kong

  • Luigi Bocola - Northwestern University

  • Nils Gornemann - Federal Reserve Board of Governors

  • Nicolas Grau - Universidad de Chile (Post-Doc)

  • Naijia Guo - Chinese University of Hong Kong

  • Douglas Hanley - University of Pittsburgh

  • Ilwoo Hwang - University of Miami

  • Olga Itenberg - University of Rochester, Simon School of Business

  • You Suk Kim - Federal Reserve Board of Governors

  • Kurt Mitman - Stockholm University

  • Yena Park - University of Rochester, Dept. of Economics

  • Suryun Rhee - University of Hawaii

  • Felipe Saffie - University of Maryland

  • Eun-young Shim - University of California, San Diego (Post-Doc)

  • Dongho Song - Boston College

  • Can Tian - Shanghai University of Finance and Economics

  • Pilar Alcade - Universidad de los Andes

  • Anton Badev - Federal Reserve Board

  • Mark Bognanni - Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland

  • Danielle Catambay - Hitotsubashi University

  • Han Chen - Federal Reserve Board

  • Jaesung Choi - Sung Kyun Kwan University

  • Francesc Dilme - University of Bonn

  • Rong Hai - University of Chicago (Post-Doc)

  • Soojin Kim - Purdue University

  • Fei Li - University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

  • Chencan Ouyang - Kaneka Holdings

  • Hikaru Saijo - University of California, Santa Cruz

  • David Weiss - Tel-Aviv University

  • Zhao Yang - Cornerstone Research

  • Chamna Yoon - Baruch College, CUNY

  • Andrew Clausen - University of Edinburgh

  • Allan Dizioli - International Monetary Fund

  • Grey Gordon - Indiana University

  • Drew Griffen - University of Tokyo

  • Aaron Hedlund - Baylor University

  • Xiangting Hu - Hanqing Advanced Institute of Economics and Finance at Renming University

  • Chong Huang - University of California, Irvine

  • Karam Kang - Carnegie Mellon University

  • Fatih Karahan - Federal Reserve Bank of New York

  • Stanislav Rabinovich - Amherst College

  • Cezar Santos - University of Mannheim

  • Michela Tincani - University College London 

  • Alvaro Aguirre - Central Bank of Chile

  • Abhinash Borah - University of Mainz, Germany

  • Fei Chen - School of Economics, HUST

  • Eleanor Harvill - Abt Associates

  • Edward Herbst - Federal Reserve Board

  • Hans Holter - Uppsala University, Sweden

  • Mitsuru Katagiri - Bank of Japan

  • David Mann - Mathematica

  • Nirav Mehta - University of Western Ontario

  • Myat Mon - University of Southern California Post Doc

  • Serdar Ozkan - Federal Reserve Board

  • David Russo - Cornerstone Research

  • Gil Shapira - World Bank

  • Serhiy Stepanchuk - Bank of Hungary

  • Robert Tayon - Barclays Capital

  • Naoki Wakamori - Bank of Canada

  • Liang Wang - University of Hawaii

  • Xi Weng - Peking University

  • Wen Yao - Bank of Canada

  • Larbi Alaoui - Universitat Pompeu Fabra

  • Dionissi Aliprantis - Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland

  • Efraim Berkovich - Manhattanville College

  • Abhinash Borah - Royal Holloway University

  • Chao Fu - University of Wisconsin, Madison

  • Christina Fuentes-Albero - Rutgers University

  • Matthew Hoelle - Post-Doc, European University Institute, Florence, Italy

  • Jian Hua - Baruch College City University of New York

  • Clement Joubert - University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

  • Geena Kim - IMPAQ International

  • Maxym Kryshko - International Monetary Fund

  • Leonardo Melosi - London Business School

  • Omer Parmaksiz - Middle East Technical University

  • Antonio Penta - University of Wisconsin, Madison

  • Jonathan Pogach - FDIC

  • Seth Richards - Carnegie Mellon, Heinz College, PPM

  • Sergiy Stetsenko - Moody's

  • Yijuan Chen - Australian National University

  • Sekyu Choi - Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona

  • Marco Cosconati - IADB (Interamerican-Development Bank)

  • Michael Fuenfzig - ISET in Tbilisi, Georgia

  • Athanasios Geromichalos - University of California, Davis

  • Michaela Gulemetova-Swan - National Education Association

  • Kyungmin (Teddy) Kim - Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

  • Kei Muraki - Ministry of Finance, Japan

  • Roberto Pinheiro - University of Colorado, Business School

  • Shalini Roy - International Food Policy Research Institute (Post Doc)

  • Deniz Selman - Bogazici University

  • Matthew Swartz - Department of Labor

  • Viviana Velez-Grajales - InterAmerican Development Bank, Washington, DC

  • Takanori Adachi - Tokyo Institute of Technology

  • Olivia Ceccarini - Bates White

  • Hong Chong Cho - Samsung Corporation

  • Enestor Dos Santos - Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria (BBVA, Research)

  • Javier Gonzalez - Treasury Department, Government of Mexico

  • Hailey Hayeon Joo - Ohio University

  • Seon Hye (Claire) Lim - Stanford University GSB

  • Raul Santaeulalia-Llopis - Washington University, St. Louis

  • Georg Strasser - Boston College

  • Jose Suarez-Lledo - Universidad Autonoma Barcelona

  • Nicola Tosini - ESMT Competition Analysis, Berlin

  • Adhemar Villani Junior - Unibanco

  • Anthony Yuen - Constellation Energy

  • Taeyoung Doh - Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas

  • Ahu Gemici - New York University

  • Daniela Iorio - Automoma Barcelona

  • Benjamin Lester - University of Western Ontario

  • Juan Licari - National University of Cordoba

  • Xiaojing Ma - University of Economics and Fin at Shanghai

  • Mari Sakudo - Post Doctoral Scholar at Univ of Chicago

  • Rafael Silveira - Bank of America

  • Daniel Velazquez-Nunez - Deloitte & Touche in Washington

  • Lodewijk Visschers - Simon Fraser University

  • Sungbae An - Singapore Managment University

  • Eduardo Faingold - Yale University

  • Manolis Galenianos - Pennsylvania State University

  • Jorge Gallardo-Garcia - Bates White

  • Jayhwa Hong - Rochester University

  • Gaoquan Liu - City University of New York

  • Claudio Lucarelli - Cornell University, PAM

  • Tetsuya Maruyama - Intel Corporation

  • Jose Rodriguez-Pueblita - McKinsey & Co.

  • Jae Eun Song - Korean Institute of Finance

  • Melissa Tartari - Yale University

  • Irina Telyukova - University of California, San Diego

  • Simon Fraser University
  • University of Nevada
  • Hong Kong University of Science and Tech
  • University of Iowa
  • Northwestern University (MEDS)
  • University of Georgia
  • Virginia Tech
  • New York University
  • ITAM
  • Aplia, Inc.
  • Board of Governors, DC.
  • Western Ontario
  • University of Texas at Austin
  • Department of Finance-University of Illinois at Chicago
  • University of Adelaide (Australia)
  • Middle East Technical University
  • Korea Development Institute
  • California Institute of Technology
  • University of Illinois-Urbana/Champaign
  • International Monetary Fund
  • The World Bank
  • Bank of Canada
  • Ohio State University
  • Singapore Management University
  • Tulane
  • University of Maryland.