Career Opportunities

Many economics majors continue their studies with postgraduate degrees in Economics, Law, Public Policy, or International Relations, but many enter the job market after graduation. The economics major provides a strong background in analytical thinking and literacy in economics - two critical skills in today's business environment. 

Career Services

Career Services provides many opportunities to explore jobs or postgraduate degrees. Here are links to the wealth of resources they offer:

Career Exploration

Career and Salary Surveys

Provides data for both internships and job including:

  • Salary averages and ranges for specific types of jobs and industries 

  • Names of organizations that hire Penn students

  • When and how students typically find opportunities

Internships & Jobs

These are sub-pages for both internships and jobs separately but some key resources to remember are:

  • PennLink (our job and internship board)

  • iNet (internship database of shared postings through an elite university consortium)

  • Resources by Field. Resources broken down by topic, including industry-specific job boards, sample employers, career advice and lists of related professional associations


Provides tips and advice on how to successfully network, including sample questions for informational interviews.

  • QuakerNet (Penn's alumni database)

  • Penn Alumni Group on LinkedIn (can be joined by current students and has over 30,000 members as well as sub-groups by industry)

  • Penn Internship Network A database of current students who are willing to be contacted by their peers with questions about their summer internship experience.

Career Services Library

Great print and on-line sources. A particularly great feature of this site is the link to Online Subscriptions. The subscriptions cover a variety of fields including Arts, Bioscience, the Environment, International Development, Journalism, Public Relations, Policy and Technology. The subscriptions also include employer research tools including GoinGlobal, the H1-B Online Jobs Databases for Foreign Students and Glass Door, as well as the Vault and Wetfeet Guides. (PennKey required) 

Other Resources

  • Common Good Careers Page Variety of resources for exploring, identifying and applying for opportunities in public service, including a calendar of career-related events on the public sector.

  • International Opportunites Page Advice and resources for searching for opportunities internationally.

  • Gap Year & Year of Service Programs Page For students who are unsure of what they want to do next or are looking to take a gap year before going to graduate school should familiarize themselves with the resources on this page, including lists of post-graduate fellowship programs.