Current Issue

Vol 59-3 (November 2018)


The Dynamics of Bertrand Price Competition with Cost-Reducing Investments
Fedor Iskhakov, John Rust, and Bertel Schjerning

Evolutionary Consumers Imply Monopolies Exit
Patrick Hummel and R. Preston McAfee

Product Choice under Government Regulation: The Case of Chile’s Privatized Pension System
Elena Krasnokutskaya, Yiyang Li, and Petra E. Todd

Multilateral Trade Bargaining and Dominant Strategies
Kyle Bagwell and Robert W. Staiger

A Theory of Pruning
Giovanni Lombardo and Harald Uhlig

Worker Turnover and Unemployment Insurance
Sekyu Choi and Javier Fernandez-Blanco  

Estimating the gains from Trade in the Market for Patent Rights
Carlos J. Serrano

Government Debt and Banking Fragility: The Spreading of Strategic Uncertainty
Russell Cooper and Kalin Nikolov

Multi-period Matching
Sangram V. Kadam and Maciej H. Kotowski

Coalition Bargaining in Repeated Games
Arnold Polanski and Fernando Vega-Redondo

Patentability, R&D Direction, and Cumulative Innovation
Yongmin Chen, Shiyuan Pan, and Tianle Zhang

Optimal Cost Overruns: Procurement Auctions with Renegotiation
Fabian Herweg and Marco A. Schwarz

Value of the Status-quo and Efficient Partnership Dissolution
Murali Agastya and Oleksii Birulin

Economic Analysis of Social Security Survivors Insurance
Yue Li

 A Model of Patent Trolls
Jay Pil Choi and Heiko Gerlach

Zooming in on Ambiguity Attitude
Aurélien Baillon and Aysil Emirmahmutoglu

Testing for Micro Efficiency in the Housing Market
André Kallåk Anundsen and Erling Røed Larsen

Information Asymmetry, Manufacturer-Retailer Contracts, and Two-Sided Entry
Tat Chan, Alvin Murphy and Li Wang

Identifying Exchange Rate Common Factors
Ryan Greenaway-McGrevy, Nelson C. Mark, Donggyu Sul and Jyh-Lin Wu

The Equitable Top Trading Cycles Mechanism for School Choice
Rustamdjan Hakimov and Onur Kesten

Do Markets Prove Pessimists Right?
Jürgen Eichberger and Ani Guerdjikova

Great Moderation and Great Recession: From Plain Sailing to Stormy Seas?
María Dolores Gadea, Ana Gómez-Loscos and Gabriel Pérez-Quirós