Current Issue

Vol 59-3 (August 2018)


Mining Surplus: Modeling James A. Schmitz’s Link Between Competition and Productivity
Jeremy Greenwood and David Weiss

Price Dispersion and Demand Uncertainty: Evidence from US Scanner Data
Benjamin Eden

The Return to College: Selection and Dropout Risk
Kutz Hendricks and Oksana Leukhina

Platform Pricing in Mixed Two-Sided Markets
Ming Gao

Experimental and Self-Reported Measures of Risk Taking and Digit Ratio (2D:4D): Evidence from a Large Systematic Study
Pablo Brañas-Garza, Matteo M. Galizzi and Jeroen Nieboer

The Endowment Effect as a Blessing
Yuval Heller, Roee Teper and Sivan Frenkel   

Public Good Provision with Constitutional Constraint
Kang Rong

Border Effects without Borders: What Divides Japan’s Internal Trade?
Jens Wrona

Competitiveness and Stress
Songfa Zhong, Idan Shalev, David Koh, Richard P. Ebstein, and Soo Hong Chew

Medicaid and the Labor Supply of Single Mothers: Implications for Health Care Reform
R. Vincent Pohl

Residual Wage Dispersion with Efficiency Wages
Suphanit Piyapromdee

Taylor Projection: A New Solution Method for Dynamic General Equilibrium Models
Oren Levintal

Universalism and the Value of Political Power
Yumi Koh

The Output and Welfare Effects of Government Spending Shocks over the Business Cycle
Eric Sims and Jonathan Wolff

Search, Adverse Selection, and Market Clearing
In-Koo Cho and Akihiko Matsui

Heterogeneity and the Public Sector Wage Policy
Pedro Gomes

Labor Supply Factors and Economic Fluctuations
Claudia Foroni, Francesco Furlanetto, and Antoine Lepetit

The Effect of an Early Career Recession on Schooling and Lifetime Welfare
Naijia Guo

Endogenous Role Assignment and Team Performance
David J. Cooper and Matthias Sutter

Smoking and Mortality: New Evidence from a Long Panel
Michael Darden, Donna B. Gilleskie, and Koleman Strumpf

On the Welfare Effects of Credit Arrangements
Jonathan Chiu, Mei Dong, and Enchuan Shao

Housing Price and Fundamentals in a Transition Economy: The Case of the Beijing Market
Bing Han, Lu Han and Guozhong Zhu