Accepted Papers

The following papers have been accepted for publication:

Auctions for Charity: The Curse of the Familiar
Jeffrey P. Carpenter, Damian S. Damianov and Peter Hans Matthews

Flexibility and Productivity: Towards the Understanding of Firm Heterogeneity
Luca Macedoni and Mingzhi Jimmy Xu

Financing Ventures
Jeremy Greenwood, Pengfei Han and Juan M. Sanchez

Firm Export Dynamics and the Exchange Rate: A Quantitative Exploration
Bernabe Lopez-Martin

China’s Housing Bubble, Infrastructure Investment, and Economic Growth
Shenzhe Jiang, Jianjun Miao, and Yuzhe Zhang

Estimation of (Static or Dynamic) Games under Equilibrium Multiplicity
Taisuke Otsu, Martin Pesenderfer, Yuya Sasaki, and Yuya Takahashi

The Struggle for Existence: Migration, Competition, and Human Capital Accumulation in Historic China
Ying Bai

Regulating Insurance Markets: Multiple Contracting and Adverse Selection
Andreas Attar, Thomas Mariotti and François Salanié

Is Fiscal Policy More Effective During Recessions?
Mario Alloza

The Changing Structure of Government Consumption Spending
Alessio Moro and Omar Rachedi

Economic Integration and Agglomeration of Multinational Production with Transfer Pricing
Hayato Kato and Hirofumi Okoshi

Competition and Multilevel Technology Adoption: A Dynamic Analysis of Electronic Medical Records Adoption in U.S. Hospitals
Yanfei Wang

Expectations, Stagnation and Fiscal Policy: A Nonlinear Analysis
George W. Evans, Seppo Honkapohja and Kaushik Mitra

Deep Equilibrium Nets
Marlon Azinovic, Luca Gaegauf and Simon Scheidegger

The Intergenerational Mortality Tradeoff of COVID-19 Lockdown Policies
Lin Ma, Gil Shapira, Damien de Walque, Quy-Toan Do, Jed Friedman, and Andrei A. Levchenko

Approximate Bayesian Inference and Forecasting in Huge-dimensional Multi-country VARs
Martin Feldkircher, Florian Huber, Gary M. Koop, and Michael Pfarrhofer

Positive Skill Clustering in Role Assignment Matching Models
Axel Anderson

Endogenous Social Networks and Inequality in an Intergenerational Setting
Yannis M. Ioannides

Efficient Liability in Expert Markets
Yongmin Chen, Jianpei Li and Jin Zhang

Learning about Regime Change
Andrew Foerster and Christian Matthes

The Neutrality of Nominal Rates: How Long is the Long Run?
Joäo Valle e Azevedo, Joäo Ritto and Pedro Teles

Moral Hazard in Remote Teams
Emilio Bisetti, Benjamin Tengelsen, and Ariel Zetlin-Jones

The Cost of Greening Stimulus: A Dynamic Analysis of Vehicle Scrappage Programs
Shanjun Li, Youming Liu and Chao Wei

Heterogeneous Treatment Effects of Nudge and Rebate: Causal Machine Learning in a Field Experiment on Electricity Conservation
Kayo Murakami, Hideki Shimada, Yoshiaki Ushifusa and Takanori Ida

Network Externalities, Dominant Value Margins, and Equilibrium Uniqueness
Jay Pil Choi and Christodoulos Stefanadis

Inside Money, Investment, and Unconventional Monetary Policy
Lukas Altermatt

Gaming a Selective Admissions System
Frances Xu Lee and Wing Suen

Endogenous Procyclical Liquidity, Capital Reallocation and Q
Melanie Cao and Shouyong Shi

Adverse Selection, Learning, and Competitive Search
Karin Mayr-Dorn

Meetings and Mechanisms
Xiaoming Cai, Pieter Gauthier and Ronald P. Wolthoff

Storable Good Market with Intertemporal Cost Variations
Fabio Antoniou and Raffaele Fiocco

The Impact of Local Fiscal and Migration Policies on Human Capital Accumulation and Inequality in China
Holger Sieg, Chamna Yoon, and Jipeng Zhang

Grouped Variation in Factor Shares: An Application to Misallocation
Jose Asturias and Jack Rossbach

Opening the Floodgates: Partial and General Equilibrium Adjustments to Labor Immigration
Bernt Bratsberg, Andreas Moxnes, Oddbjorn Raaum, and Karen Helene Ulltveit-Moe

International Capital Flows: Private Versus Public Flows in Developing and Developed Countries
Yun Jung Kim and Jing Zhang

Medieval Matching Markets
Lars Boerner and Daniel Quint