Accepted Papers

Growth, Housing, and Global Imbalances

Luis Franjo Garcia, Luisa Lambertini, and Serhiy Stepanchuk

An Equilibrium Labor Market Model with Internal and External Referrals

Youze Lang and Youzhi Yang

Sequential Price Setting: Theory and Evidence from a Lab Experiment

Tom-Reiel Heggedal, Leif Helland and Espen R. Moen

Information Acquisition and Diffusion in Markets

Atabek Atayev and Maarten Janssen

Estimation of Production Technologies with Output and Environmental Constraints

Scott E. Atkinson and Rong Luo

Investment Housing Tax Concessions and Welfare: A Quantitative Study for Australia

Yunho Cho, Shuyun May Li and Lawrence Uren

Regulatory Protection and the Role of International Cooperation

Yuan Mei

Monetary Asymmetries (with and) without Price Stickiness

Ivan Jaccard

Regularized GMM for Time-Varying Models with Applications to Asset Pricing

Liyuan Cui, Guanhao Feng and Yongmiao Hong

Optimal Stopping in a Dynamic Salience Model

Markus Dertwinkel-Kalt and Jonas Frey

Do Stronger Patents Lead to Faster Innovation? The Effect of Clustered Search

Nicolas Alexandre Klein and Kaustav Das

Housing Market Discount Rates: Evidence from Bargaining and Bidding Wars

Hans R. A. Koster and Jan Rouwendal

Killer Acquisitions and Beyond: Policy Effects on Innovation Strategies

Igor Letina, Armin Schmutzler and Regina Seibel

Capital Depreciation and Industry Competition: Theory and Evidence

Alicia H. Dang and Roberto M. Samaniego

Interest-Only Mortgages and Consumption Growth: Evidence from a Mortgage Market Reform

Claes B├Ąckman and Natalia Khorunzhina

Ending Wasteful Year-End Spending: On Optimal Budget Rules in Organizations

Christoph Siemroth

Higher-Order Income Risk Over the Business Cycle

Christopher Busch and Alexander Ludwig

Financial Dollarization in Emerging Markets: An Insurance Arrangement

Husnu Dalgic

Entry Barriers and Growth: The Role of Endogenous Market Structure

Helu Jiang, Yu Zheng and Lijun Zhu

Prominence and Market Power: Asymmetric Oligopoly with Sequential Consumer Search

Makoto Hanazono and Noritaka Kudoh

Spousal Labor Supply, Caregiving, and the Value of Disability Insurance

Siha Lee

Monetary Policy Under Natural Disaster Shocks

Alessandro Cantelmo, Nikos Fatouros, Giovanni Melina, and Chris Papageorgiou

Intertemporal Consumption with Anticipating, Remembering, and Experiencing Selves

Sam Cosaert and Tom Potoms

Asset Diversification versus Climate Action

Christoph Hambel, Holger Kraft, and Frederick van der Ploeg

The Ins and Outs of Selling Houses: Understanding Housing-Market Volatility

L. Rachel Ngai and Kevin Daniel Sheedy

The Cost of Trade Disruptions at Different Stages of Development

Juan Carlos Conesa, Matthew Johnston Delventhal, Pau Pujolas and Gajendran Raveendranathan

Statistical Discrimination and Duration Dependence in a Semi-Structural Model

Ismail Baydur and Jianhuan Xu

Uncertainty, Long-Run, and Monetary Policy Risks in a Two-Country Macro Model

Kimberly A. Berg and Nelson C. Mark

Labor Market Institutions and Fertility

Nezih Guner, Ezgi Kaya and Virginia Sanchez-Marcos

Source Dependence in Effort Provision

Yiting Chen and Songfa Zhong

Inframarginal Travelers and Transportation Policy

Jonathan D. Hall

Trade Shocks and Higher-Order Earnings Risk in Local Labor Markets

Tomas Rodriguez Martinez and Ursula Mattioli Mello

Frictional Sorting: The Impacts of Dual Constraints on Mobility and Housing Supply in China

Wenquan Liang, Ran Song and Christopher Timmins

Corporate Earnings Announcements and Economic Activity

Mirela Sorina Miescu and Haroon Mumtaz

Asset-market Sentiments and Business-cycle Fluctuations

Xuewen Liu, Pengfei Wang and Sichuang Xu

Fighting Collusion: An Implementation Theory Approach

Helmuts Azacis and Peter Vida

2020 Klein Lecture

Investment and Subjective Uncertainty

Nicholas Bloom, Steven J. Davis, Lucia Foster, Scott Ohlmacher, and Itay Saporta-Eksten

Tort Liability and Unawareness

Surajeet Chalravarty, David Kelsey, and Joshua C. Teitelbaum

Household Debt and the Effects of Fiscal Policy

Sami Alpanda, Melissa Hyunji Song, and Sarah Zubairy

Fairness in Incomplete Information Bargaining: Theory and Widespread Evidence from the Field

Daniel Eben Keniston, Bradley Larsen, Shengwu Li, J.J. Prescott, Bernardo S. Silveira, and Chuan Yu

A Model of Gross Capital Flows: Risk Sharing and Financial Frictions

Hyunju Lee

Add-on Pricing over Regional Business Cycles: Evidence from Extended Warranties

Branko Boskovic, Sacha Kapoor, Agnieszka Markiewicz and Barry Scholnick

Middlemen in Search Equilibrium with Intensive and Extensive Margins

Grace Xun Gong and Randall Wright