Accepted Papers

The following papers have been accepted for publication:

Global Games with Strategic Substitutes
Rodrigo Harrison and Pedro Jara-Moroni

Fiscal Consolidation Programs and Income Inequality
Hans Holter, Pedro Brinca, Miguel Ferreira, Francesco Franco, and Laurence Malafry

Communication and Market Sharing: An Experiment on the Exchange of Soft and Hard Information
Andreas Freitag, Catherine Roux and Christian Thöni

The Dynamic and Distributional Aspects of Import Tariffs
Wolfgang Lechthaler and Mariya Mileva

Structural Change and Aggregate Employment Fluctuations in China
Wen Yao and Xiaodong Zhu

Making Carbon Taxation a Generational Win Win
Laurence Kotilkoff, Felix Kubler, Andrey Polbin, Jeffrey Sachs, and Simon Scheidegger

Trade Associations: Why not Cartels?
David K. Levine, Andrea Mattozzi, and Salvatore Modica

Trade, Technological Change, and Wage Inequality: The Case of Mexico
Andrea Waddle

The Face Value of Arguments with and without Manipulation
Mike Felgenhauer and Fangya Xu

Estimating Temptation and Commitment Over the Life-Cycle
Agnes Kovacs, Hamish Low, and Patrick Moran

Price Search, Consumption Inequality, and Expenditure Inequality over the Life-cycle
Yavuz Arslan, Bulent Guler, and Temel Taskin

Business Cycles, Trend Elimination, and HP Filter
Peter C. B. Phillips and Sainan Jin

Entrepreneurship and Income Distribution Dynamics: Why Is the Income Share of Top Income Earners Acyclical over the Business Cycle?
Noh-Sun Kwark and Eunseong Ma

Reducing Inequalities among Unequals
Matthieu Faure and Nicolas Gravel

Skill, Agglomeration, and Inequality in the Spatial Economy
Farid Farrokhi

Testing Passive vs. Symmetric Beliefs in Contracting with Externalities
Daiqiang Zhang

Cognition, Optimism and the Formation of Age-Dependent Survival Beliefs
Nils Grevenbrock, Max Groneck, Alexander Ludwig, and Alexander Zimper

Equilibrium Counterfactuals
Gilles Chemla and Christopher A. Hennessy

Homeownership and Housing Transitions: Explaining the Demographic Composition
Eunseong Ma and Sarah Zubairy

Boosting: Why you Can Use the HP Filter
Peter C. B. Philipps and Zhentao Shi

Components of Uncertainty
Vegard H. Larsen

Liquidity and the International Allocation of Economic Activity
Antonio Rodriguez-Lopez

Naturally Occurring Preferences and General Equilibrium: A Laboratory Study
Sean Crockett, Daniel Friedman, and Ryan Oprea 

Multimodality in Macro-Financial Dynamics
Tobias Adrian, Nina Boyarchenko, and Domenico Giannone

What is Socialism Today? Conceptions of a Cooperative Economy
John E. Roemer

Structural Analysis of Tullock Contests with an Application to U.S. House of Representatives Elections
Yangguang Huang and Ming He

Gender Biases in Opinion Aggregation
Friederike Mengel

Geographic Mobility and Redistribution
Daniele Coen-Pirani

Price Comparison Websites
David Ronayne

Innovation and Diffusion of Medical Treatment
Barton H. Hamilton, Andres Hincapie, Robert A. Miller and Nicholas W. Papageorge

The Well-Being of Nations: Estimating Welfare from International Migration
Sanghoon Lee, Seung Hoon Lee, and Jeffrey Lin

A Model of Collateral: Endogenizing the Borrowing Constraint
Yu Awaya, Hiroki Fukai and Makoto Watanabe

Firm Dynamics with Frictional Product and Labor Markets
Leo Kaas and Bihemo Kimasa

Uncertainty in Procurement Contracting with Time Incentives
Wenzheng Gao, Daiqiang Zhang and Naibao Zhao