Accepted Papers

Generational Distribution of Fiscal Burdens: A Positive Analysis
Yuki Uchida and Tetsuo Ono

Tutoring Efficacy, Household Substitution, and Student Achievement: Experimental Evidence from an After-School Tutoring Program in Rural China
Jere R. Behrman, C. Simon Fan, Naijia Guo, Xiangdong Wei, Hongliang Zhang, and Junsen Zhang

Labor Supply in the Extended Household: Economics of Scale, Self-Selection and the Intrahousehold Distribution of Resources in South Africa
Olivier Donni and Eliane El Badaoui

Four Stylized Facts about COVID-19
Andrew Atkeson, Karen A. Kopecky, and Tao Zha

Household Inventory, Temporary Sales, and Price Indices
Kozo Ueda, Kota Watanabe and Tsutomu Watanabe

Government Expenditure on the Public Education System
Chao Fu, Shoya Ishimaru, and John Kennan

Business Cycles with Cyclical Returns to Scale
Jay Hyun, Ryan Kim, and Byoungchan Lee

Accounting for Social Security Claiming Behavior
Svetlana Pashchenko and Ponpoje (Poe) Porapakkarm

Spending a Windfall
Nuno Palma and Andre C. Silva

College Expansion, Trade, and Innovation: Evidence from China
Xiao Ma

Capital Tax Reforms with Policy Uncertainty
Árpád Ábrahám, Pavel Brendler and Eva Carceles-Poveda

Consumption Tax Cuts in a Recession
Francesca Parodi

A Theory of Economic Disintegration
Eckhard Janeba and Karl Georg Schulz

The Full Recession: Private versus Social Costs of COVID-19
Juan Carlos Cordoba, Marla Ripoll and Siqiang Yang

Inventory Management in Decentralized Markets
Fei Li, Charles Murry, Can Tian and Yiyi Zhou

Unemployment Duration under Flexible Information Acquisition
Jeong Ho (John) Kim, Kyungmin Kim and Marilyn Pease

Growth, Housing, and Global Imbalances
Luis Franjo Garcia, Luisa Lambertini, and Serhiy Stepanchuk

An Equilibrium Labor Market Model with Internal and External Referrals
Youze Lang and Youzhi Yang

Sequential Price Setting: Theory and Evidence from a Lab Experiment
Tom-Reiel Heggedal, Leif Helland and Espen R. Moen

Information Acquisition and Diffusion in Markets
Atabek Atayev and Maarten Janssen

Estimation of Production Technologies with Output and Environmental Constraints
Scott E. Atkinson and Rong Luo

Investment Housing Tax Concessions and Welfare: A Quantitative Study for Australia
Yunho Cho, Shuyun May Li and Lawrence Uren

Regulatory Protection and the Role of International Cooperation
Yuan Mei

Monetary Asymmetries (with and) without Price Stickiness
Ivan Jaccard

Regularized GMM for Time-Varying Models with Applications to Asset Pricing
Liyuan Cui, Guanhao Feng and Yongmiao Hong

Optimal Stopping in a Dynamic Salience Model
Markus Dertwinkel-Kalt and Jonas Frey

Do Stronger Patents Lead to Faster Innovation? The Effect of Clustered Search
Nicolas Alexandre Klein and Kaustav Das

Housing Market Discount Rates: Evidence from Bargaining and Bidding Wars
Hans R. A. Koster and Jan Rouwendal

Killer Acquisitions and Beyond: Policy Effects on Innovation Strategies
Igor Letina, Armin Schmutzler and Regina Seibel

Capital Depreciation and Industry Competition: Theory and Evidence
Alicia H. Dang and Roberto M. Samaniego

Interest-Only Mortgages and Consumption Growth: Evidence from a Mortgage Market Reform
Claes Bäckman and Natalia Khorunzhina

Ending Wasteful Year-End Spending: On Optimal Budget Rules in Organizations
Christoph Siemroth

Higher-Order Income Risk Over the Business Cycle
Christopher Busch and Alexander Ludwig

Financial Dollarization in Emerging Markets: An Insurance Arrangement
Husnu Dalgic

Entry Barriers and Growth: The Role of Endogenous Market Structure
Helu Jiang, Yu Zheng and Lijun Zhu