Accepted Papers

The following papers have been accepted for publication:

Does Higher Energy Efficiency Lower Economy-Wide Energy Use?
Sebastian Rausch and Hagen Schwerin

Detecting and Analyzing the Effects of Time-Varying Parameters in DSGE Models
Fabio Canova, Filippo Ferroni, and Christian Matthes

Household Saving, Financial Constraints, and the Current Account in China
Ayşe İmrohoroğlu and Kai Zhao

Growing like Spain: 1995-2007
Manuel García-Santana, Enrique Moral-Benito, Josep Pijoan-Mas, and Roberto Ramos

Dynamics Status Effects, Savings, and Income Inequality
Evangelos Dioikitopoulos, Stephen Turnovsky, and Ronald Wendner

Sticky Prices and Costly Credit
Lucy Qian Liu, Liang Wang, and Randall Wright

Work Histories and Lifetime Unemployment
Iacopo Morchio

Secret Search
Andrew John and Ian King

The Formation of Consumer Inflation Expectations: New Evidence from Japan’s Deflation Experience
Jess Diamond, Kota Watanabe, and Tsutomu Watanabe

Exploring the Consistency of Higher-order Risk Preferences
Alexander Haering, Timo Heinrich, and Thomas Mayrhofer

Urban Population and Amenities: The Neoclassical Model of Location
David Albouy and Bryan Stuart

Investigating Non-neutrality in a State-Dependent Pricing Model with Firm-level Productivity Shocks
Michael Dotsey and Alexander L. Wolman

Just a Big Misunderstanding? Bias and Bayesian Affective Polarization
Daniel F. Stone

Social Insurance and Occupational Mobility
German Cubas and Pedro Silos

An Experimental Investigation of Cooperation in the Dynamic Common Pool Game
Emanuel Vespa

Selling in Advance to Loss Averse Consumers
Heiko Karle and Marc Möller

Revealed Preference and Activity Rules in Dynamics Auctions
Lawrence M. Ausubel and Oleg Baranov

Information and Price Dispersion: Theory and Evidence
Dieter Pennerstorfer, Philipp Schmidt-Dengler, Nicolas Schutz, Christoph Weiss, and Biliana Yontcheva

Approximating Purchase Propensities and Reservation Prices from Broad Consumer Tracking
Benjamin Shiller

Immigrant Wage Growth in the United States: The Role of Occupational Upgrading
Rebecca Lessem and Carl Sanders

Girls’ Schooling Choices and Home Production: Evidence from Pakistan
Hugo Reis

Renovatio Monetae: When Gesell Taxes Worked
Roger Svensson and Andreas Westermark

International Business Cycles in Emerging Markets
Jacek Rothert

Innovation and Inequality in a Small World
Ines Lindner and Holger Strulik

Unique Markov Equilibrium under Limited Commitment
Gaetano Bloise

Home Equity in Retirement
Makoto Nakajima and Irina A. Telyukova

Negotiated Block Trade and Rebuilding of Trust
Pak Hung Au, Yuk-fai Fong, and Jin Li

Controlling Inflation with Timid Monetary-fiscal Regime Changes
Guido Ascari, Anna Florio, and Alessandro Gobbi

Panel Data Hedonics: Rosen's First Stage as a Sufficient Statistic
Spencer Banzhaf

Systematic Monetary Policy and the Macroeconomic Effects of Shifts in Residential Loan-to-Value Ratios
Rüdiger Bachmann and Sebastian Rüth

Karthik Reddy, Moritz Schularick and Vasiliki Skreta

Entrepreneurship over the Life Cycle: Where are the Young Entrepreneurs?
Andrés Hincapié

A Comment on “Estimating Dynamic Discrete Choice Models with Hyperbolic Discounting” by Hanming Fang and Yang Wang
Jaap H. Abbring and Øystein Daljord

The Propagation of Uncertainty Shocks: Rotemberg vs. Calvo
Joonseok Oh

Existence of the Stationary Equilibrium in an Incomplete-market Model with Endogenous Labor Supply
Shenghao Zhu

Decentralized One-to-Many Bargaining
Chiu Yu Ko and Duozhe Li

Extremist Platforms: Political Consequences of Profit-Seeking Media
Siddhartha Bandyopadhyay, Kalyan Chatterjee, and Jaideep Roy

Endogenous Sources of Volatility in Housing Market: The Joint Buyer-Seller Problem
Elliot Anenberg and Patrick Bayer

Discount Shock, Price-Rent Dynamics, and the Business Cycle
Jianjun Miao, Pengfei Wang, and Tao Zha

The Hidden Cost of Bargaining: Evidence from a Cheating-Prone Marketplace
Haimanti Bhattacharya and Shubhasish Dugar

Platform Competition with Endogenous Homing
Thomas D. Jeitschko and Mark J. Tremblay

Redistribution and Fiscal Uncertainty Shocks
Hikaru Saijo

Adverse Selection with Heterogeneously Informed Agents
Seyed Mohammadreza Davoodalhosseini

State Dependence in Labor Market Fluctuations
Carlo Pizzinelli, Konstantinos Theodoridis and Francesco Zanetti