Current Issue

Vol 60-1 (February 2019)

2018 Klein Lecture - Individual and Aggregate Labor Supply in Heterogeneous Agent Economies with Intensive and Extensive Margins
Yongsung Chang, Sun-Bin Kim, Kyooho Kwon, and Richard Rogerson

The Elasticity of Substitution between Time and Market Goods: Evidence from the Great Recession
Aviv Nevo and Arlene Wong

Testing the Quantal Response Hypothesis
Emerson Melo, Kirill Pogorelskiy, and Matthew Shum

Selling a Lemon under Demand Uncertainty
Kyungmin Kim and Sun Hyung Kim

Financial Safety Nets
Javier Bianchi, Julien Bengui, and Louphou Coulibaly

Worker Investments in Safety, Workplace Accidents, and Compensating Wage Differentials
José R. Guardado and Nicolas R. Ziebarth

Retrospective Voting and Party Polarization
Ignacio Esponda and Demian Pouzo

Insurance-Induced Moral Hazard: A Dynamic Model of Within-Year Medical Care Decision Making Under Uncertainty
Christopher J. Cronin

Understanding Per-capita Income Growth in Preindustrial Europe
Nils-Petter Lagerlöf

Preferences under Ignorance
Olivier Gossner and Christoph Kuzmics

Late Career Job Loss and the Decision to Retire
Irina Merkurieva

Time-varying Volatility, Default and the Sovereign Risk Premium
Hernán D. Seoane

Productivity or Unexpected Demand Shocks: What Determines Firms' Investment and Exit Decisions?
Pradeep Kumar and Hongsong Zhang

Supplier Innovation in the Presence of Buyer Power
Zhiqi Chen

Auction-lottery Hybrid Mechanisms: Structural Model and Empirical Analysis
Yaangguang Huang and Quan Wen

Technology, Policy Distortions and the Rise of Large Farms
Wenbiao Cai

Price Dynamics with Customer Markets
Luigi Paciello, Andrea Pozzi, and Nicholas Trachter

On the Timing of Production Decisions in Monetary Economies
Nejat Anbarci, Richard Dutu, and Ching-jen Sun