Current Issue

Vol 60-4 (November 2019)

The Phillips Curve in a Matching Model
Tai-Wei Hu and Neil Wallace

Positively Responsive Collective Choice Rules and Majority Rule: A Generalization of May’s Theorem to Many Alternatives
Sean Oran, Martin J. Osborne, and M. Remzi Sanver

Fertility Shocks and Equilibrium Marriage-Rate Dynamics
John Knowles and Guillaume Vandenbroucke

Stabilization Policy at the Zero Lower Bound
Paola Boel and Christopher Waller

Heterogeneous Effects of Online Reputation for Local and National Retailers
Peter Newberry and Xiaolu Zhou>

Intimidation: Linking Negotiation and Conflict
Sambuddha Ghosh, Gabriele Gratton, and Caixia Shen>

Gains from Trade with Variable Trade Elasticities
Wyatt J. Brooks and Pau S. Pujolas

Trade Policy and Market Power: Firm-Level Evidence
Alan Asprilla, Nicolas Berman, Olivier Cadot, and Melise Jaud>

Apparent Bias: What Does Attitude Polarization Show?
Jean-Pierre Benoît and Juan Dubra

Voting and Social Pressure Under Imperfect Information
Alexander Clark and Nicholas Tenev

Rational Disinhibition and Externalities in Protection
Flavio Toxvaerd

Inducing Variety: A Theory of Innovation Contests
Igor Letina and Armin Schmutzler

House Prices and Consumption Inequality
Ben Etheridge

Explaining the Decline of the U.S. Saving Rate: The Role of Health Expenditure
Yi Chen, Maurizio Mazzocco, and Bela Szemely

Dimensionality and Disagreement: Asymptotic Belief Divergence in Response to Common Information
Isaac Loh and Gregory Phelan

Sequential Expert Advice: Superiority of Closed-Door Meetings
Parimal Bag and Tridib Sharma

Price, Product Quality, and Exporter Dynamics: Evidence from China
Joel Rodrigue and Yong Tan

Food Trade and Biodiversity Effects
Cecilia Bellora and Jean-Marc Bourgeon