Current Issue

Vol 63- 2 (May 2022)

Optimal Checks and Balances Under Policy Uncertainty
Gabriele Gratton and Massimo Morelli

Unemployment, Partial Insurance, and the Multiplier Effects of Government Spending
Gregory E. Givens

Network Effects and Switching Costs in the US Wireless Industry
Stefan Weiergraeber

Entry Decisions and Asymmetric Competition Between Non-profit and For-profit Homes in the Long-term Care Market
Iris Grant, Iris Kesternich, and Johannes Van Biesebroeck

The Friedman Rule: Experimental Evidence
John Duffy and Daniela Puzzello

Technology Adoption under Costly Information Processing
Dominik Naeher

Multi-Agent Persuasion: Leveraging Strategic Uncertainty
Tetsuya Hoshino

Competitive Equilibria in Matching Models with Financial Constraints
P. Jean-Jacques Herings and Yu Zhou

Sequential Search with Adaptive Intensity
Joosung Lee and Daniel Li

Petty Corruption and Citizen Reports
Charles Angelucci and Antonio Russo

Endogenous Labor Market Cycles
Yunan Li and Cheng Wang

Excess Capacity and Effectiveness of Policy Interventions: Evidence from the Cement Industry
Tetsuji Okazaki, Ken Onishi and Naoki Wakamori

The Minimum Wage and Occupational Mobility
Andrew Yizhou Liu

Reallocation Effects of Monetary Policy
Daisuke Miyakawa, Koki Oikawa, and Kozo Ueda