Current Issue

Vol 60-2 (May 2019)

Financial Risk and Unemployment
Zvi Eckstein, Ofer Setty, and David Weiss

A Structural Model of Electoral Accountability
S. Borağan Aruoba, Allan Drazen and Razvan Vlaicu

Family Firms, Bank Relationships and Financial Constraints: A Comprehensive Score Card
Alexander Karaivanov, Jesus Saurina, and Robert M. Townsend

Wage Volatility and Changing Patterns of Labor Supply
Jay H. Hong, Byoung Hoon Seok, and Hye Mi You

The Impact of Body Weight on Occupational Mobility and Career Development
Matthew C. Harris

Idiosyncratic Risk, Aggregate Risk, and the Welfare Effects of Social Security
Daniel Harenberg and Alexander Ludwig

Network Search: Climbing the Job Ladder Faster
Marcelo Arbex, Dennis O'Dea, and David Wiczer

City Equilibrium with Borrowing Constraints: Structural Estimation and General Equilibrium Effects
Amine Ouazad and Romain Rancière

An Experimental Study of Uncertainty in Coordination Games
Christos Ioannou and Miltiadis Makris

Strategic Bidding and Contract Renegotiation
Hojin Jung, Georgia Kosmopoulou, Carlos Lamarche, and Richard Sicotte

Market Economies with an Endogenous Social Division of Labour
Robert P. Gilles

Beauty Premium and Marriage Premium in Search Equilibrium: Theory and Empirical Test
Roberto Bonilla, Francis Kiraly and John Wildman

Structural Empirical Evaluation of Job Search Monitoring
Gerard van den Berg and Bas van der Klaauw

Learning and Life Cycle Patterns of Occupational Transitions
Aspen Gorry, Devon Gorry, and Nicholas Trachter

Extreme Events and Optimal Monetary Policy
Jinill Kim and Francisco Ruge-Murcia

Currency Union with or without Banking Union
Vincent Bignon, Régis Breton and Marina Rojas-Breu

Liquidity, Monetary Policy and Unemployment
Mei Dong and Sylvia Xiao