Current Issue

Vol 62-4 (November 2021)

Search and the Sources of Life-Cycle Inequality
Benjamin Griffy

Why Do Americans Spend So Much More on Health Care than Europeans?
Hui He, Kevin X. D. Huang amd Lei Ning

Consistent Expectations Equilibria in Markov Regime Switching Models and Inflation Dynamics
Marco Airaudo and Ina Hajdini

Dispute Settlement with Second-Order Uncertainty
Mostafa Beshkar and Jee-Hyeong Park

Estimating Border Effects: The Impact of Spatial Aggregation
Cletus C. Coughlin and Dennis Novy

Prudent Discounting: Experimental Evidence on Higher-Order Time Risk Preferences
Sebastian Ebert

Career Concerns, Beijing Style
Jiahua Che, Kim-Sau Chung, and Xue Qiao

Make Yourselves Scarce: The Effect of Demographic Change on the Relative Wages and Unemployment Rates of Experienced Workers
Michael Johannes Böhm and Christian Siegel

The Economics of Savings Groups
Alfredo Burlando, Andrea Canidio and Rebekah Selby

Human Capital and the Social Security Tax Cap
Adam Blandin

Value Preserving Welfare Weights for Social Optimization Problems
Alexis Anagnostopoulos, Eva Carceles-Poveda, and Yair Tauman

The Role of Gender in Employment Polarization
Fabio Cerina, Alessio Moro and Michelle Rendall