Current Issue

Vol 64-3 (August 2023)

"Conventional" Monetary Policy in OLG Models: Revisiting the Asset-substitution Channel
Guanliang Hu, Guoxuan Ma, Wei Qiao and Neil Wallace

Bargaining over Taxes and Entitlements in the Era of Unequal Growth
Marina Azzimonti, Laura Karpuska, and Gabriel Mihalache

Credit, Default, and Optimal Health Insurance
Youngsoo Jang

Tail Forecasting with Multivariate Bayesian Additive Regression Trees
Todd Clark, Florian Huber, Gary Koop, Massimiliano Marcellino, and Michael Pfarrhofer

A Multilayer View of Systemic Importance and Aggregate Fluctuations
Hector Tzavellas

Bayesian Dynamic Variable Selection in High Dimensions
Gary M. Koop and Dimitris Korobilis

Goodhart's Law and Machine Learning: A Structural Perspective
Christopher A. Hennessy and Charles A. E. Goodhart

Competitive Market Behavior: Convergence and Asymmetry in the Experimental Double Auction
Barbara Ikica, Simon Jantschgi, Heinrich H. Nax, Diego G. Nuñez Duran , and Bary S. R. Pradelski

Trading Ambiguity: A Tale of Two Heterogeneities
Sujoy Mukerji ,Han Özsöylev, and Jean-Marc Tallon

Spouses, Children and Entrepreneurship
João Galindo da Fonseca and Charles Berube

Reducing Recommendation Inequality via Two-Sided Matching: A Field Experiment of Online Dating
Kuan-Ming Chen, Yu-Wei Hsieh and Ming-Jen Lin

Electoral Maldistricting
Andrei Gomberg, Romans Pancs and Tridib Sharma

Heterogeneity, Frictional Assignment and Home-ownership
Allen Head, Huw Lloyd-Ellis, and Derek Stacey