Current Issue

Vol 65-1 (February 2024)

Four Stylized Facts about COVID-19

Andrew Atkeson, Karen A. Kopecky, and Tao Zha

Government Expenditure on the Public Education System

Chao Fu, Shoya Ishimaru and John Kennan

Capital Tax Reforms with Policy Uncertainty

Árpád Ábrahám, Pavel Brendler and Eva Carceles-Poveda

Consumption Tax Cuts in a Recession

Francesca Parodi

Tutoring Efficacy, Household Substitution, and Student Achievement: Experimental Evidence from an After-School Tutoring Program in Rural China

Jere R. Behrman, C. Simon Fan, Naijia Guo, Xiangdong Wei, Hongliang Zhang, and Junsen Zhang

Labor Supply in the Extended Household: Economies of Scale, Self-Selection and the Intrahousehold Distribution of Resources in South Africa

Olivier Donni and Eliane El Badaoui

Household Inventory, Temporary Sales, and Price Indices

Kozo Ueda, Kota Watanabe, and Tsutomu Watanabe

Business Cycles with Cyclical Returns to Scale

Jay Hyun, Ryan Kim, and Byoungchan Lee

Spending a Windfall

Nuno Palma and Andre C. Silva

College Expansion, Trade, and Innovation: Evidence from China

Xiao Ma

A Theory of Economic Disintegration

Eckhard Janeba and Karl Schulz

Generational Distribution of Fiscal Burdens: A Positive Analysis

Yuki Uchida and Tetsuo Ono

Inventory Management in Decentralized Markets

Fei Li, Charles Murry, Can Tian, and Yiyi Zhou

Unemployment Duration Under Flexible Information Acquisition

Jeong Ho (John) Kim, Kyungmin Kim, and Marilyn Pease

Accounting for Social Security Claiming Behavior

Svetlana Paschenko and Ponpoje (Poe) Porapakkarm