Current Issue

Vol 61-3 (August 2020)

State Dependence in Labor Market Fluctuations
Carlo Pizzinelli, Konstantinos Theodoridis, and Francesco Zanetti

Redistribution and Fiscal Uncertainty Shocks
Hikaru Saijo

The Propagation of Uncertainty Shocks: Rotemberg vs. Calvo
Joonseok Oh

Existence of the Stationary Equilibrium in an Incomplete-market Model with Endogenous Labor Supply
Shenghao Zhu

Decentralized One-to-Many Bargaining
Chiu Yu Ko and Duozhe Li

Extremist Platforms: Political Consequences of Profit-Seeking Media
Siddhartha Bandyopadhyay, Kalyan Chatterjee, and Jaideep Roy

Endogenous Sources of Volatility in Housing Markets: The Joint Buyer-Seller Problem
Elliot Anenberg and Patrick Bayer

Discount Shock, Price-Rent Dynamics, and the Business Cycle
Jianjun Miao, Pengfei Wang, and Tao Zha

The Hidden Cost of Bargaining: Evidence from a Cheating-Prone Marketplace
Haimanti Bhattacharya and Subhasish Dugar

Platform Competition with Endogenous Homing
Mark Tremblay and Thomas Jeitschko

Adverse Selection with Heterogeneously Informed Agents
Seyed Mohammadreza Davoodalhosseini

Buffer-stock Saving and Households' Response to Income Shocks
Giulio Fella, Serafin Frache and Winfried Koeniger