Current Issue

Vol 59-1 (February 2018)


Collective Reputation and the Dynamics of Statistical Discrimination 
Young-Chul Kim and Glenn C. Loury

Trade Disputes and Settlement
Giovanni Maggi and Robert W. Staiger

Industry Dynamics and the Minimum Wage: A Putty-Clay Approach
Daniel Aaronson, Eric French, Isaac Sorkin, and Ted To

How Important Are Terms of Trade Shocks?
Stephanie Schmitt-Grohé and Martin Uribe

Why do Children Take Care of Their Elderly Parents? Are the Japanese Any Different?
Charles Yuji Horioka, Emin Gahramanov, Aziz Hayat, and Xueli Tang

Do Lies Erode Trust?
Glynis Gawn and Robert Innes

On Strategy-Proofness and the Salience of Single-Peakedness
Shurojit Chatterji and Jordi Massó

Single Moms and Deadbeat Dads: The Role of Earnings, Marriage Market Conditions, and Preference Heterogeneity
Andrew Beauchamp, Geoffrey Sanzenbacher, Shannon Seitz, and Meghan M. Skira

Monopoly Insurance and Endogenous Information
Johan N. M. Lagerlöf and Christoph Schottmüller

Social Interations in Large Networks: A Game Theoretic Approach
Haiqing Xu

Unified China and Divided Europe
Chiu Yu Ko, Mark Koyama, and Tuan-Hwee Sng

On the Sources of Uncertainty in Exchange-Rate Predictability
Joseph P. Byrne, Dimitris Korobilis, and Pinho J. Ribeiro