Forthcoming Issue

Vol 65-3 (August 2024)

Higher-Order Income Risk Over the Business Cycle
Christopher Busch and Alexander Ludwig

The Cost of Trade Disruptions at Different Stages of Development
Juan Carlos Conesa, Matthew Johnston Delventhal, Paul Pujolas and Gajendran Raveendranathan

Ending Wasteful Year-End Spending: On Optimal Budget Rules in Organizations
Christoph Siemroth

Financial Dollarization in Emerging Markets: An Insurance Arrangement
Husnu Dalgic

Entry Barriers and Growth: The Role of Endogenous Market Structure
Helu Jiang, Yu Zheng & Lijun Zhu

Prominence and Power Market: Asymmetric Oligopoly with Sequential Consumer Search
Makoto Hanazono and Noritaka Kudoh

Intertemporal Consumption with Anticipating, Remembering, and Experiencing Selves
Sam Cosaert and Tom Potoms

Asset Diversification versus Climate Action
Christoph Hambel, Holger Kraft & Frederick van der Ploeg

Statistical Discrimination and Duration Dependence in a Semi-Structural Model
Ismail Baydur and Jianhuan Xu

Uncertainty, Long-Run, and Monetary Policy Risks in a Two-Country Macro Model
Kimberly Berg and Nelson C. Mark

The Ins and Outs of Selling Houses: Understanding Housing-Market Volatility
L. Rachel Ngai and Kevin Daniel Sheedy

Monetary Policy Under Natural Disaster Shocks
Alessandro Cantelmo, Nikos Fatouros, Giovanni Melina, and Chris Papageorgiou

Source Dependence in Effort Provision
Yiting Chen and Songfa Zhong

Inframarginal Travelers and Transportation Policy
Jonathan D. Hall

Labor Market Institutions and Fertility
Nezih Guner, Ezgi Kaya and Virginia Sanchez-Marcos