Forthcoming Issue

Vol 65-2 (May 2024)

Killer Acquisitions and Beyond: Policy Effects on Innovation Strategies

Igor Letina, Armin Schmutzler and Regina Seibel

Growth, Housing, and Global Imbalances

Luis Franjo Garcia, Luisa Lambertini, and Serhiy Stepanchuk

An Equilibrium Labor Market Model with Internal and External Referrals

Youze Lang and Youzhi Yang

Sequential Price Setting: Theory and Evidence from a Lab Experiment

Tom-Reiel Heggedal, Leif Helland and Espen R. Moen

Information Acquisition and Diffusion in Markets

Atabek Atayev and Maarten Janssen

Estimation of Production Technologies with Output and Environmental Constraints

Scott E. Atkinson and Rong Luo>

Investment Housing Tax Concessions and Welfare: A Quantitative Study for Australia

Yunho Cho, Shuyun May Li and Lawrence Uren

Regulatory Protection and the Role of International Cooperation

Yuan Mei

Regularized GMM for Time-Varying Models with Applications to Asset Pricing

Liyuan Cui, Guanhao Feng and Yongmiao Hong

Optimal Stopping in a Dynamic Salience Model

Markus Dertwinkel-Kalt and Jonas Frey

Do Stronger Patents Lead to Faster Innovation? The Effect of Clustered Search

Nicolas Alexandre Klein and Kaustav Das

Housing Market Discount Rates: Evidence from Bargaining and Bidding Wars

Hans R. A. Koster and Jan Rouwendal

Monetary Asymmetries (with and) without Price Stickiness

Ivan Jaccard

Interest-Only Mortgages and Consumption Growth: Evidence from a Mortgage Market Reform

Claes B├Ąckman and Natalia Khorunzhina

Capital Depreciation and Industry Competition: Theory and Evidence

Alicia H. Dang and Roberto M. Samaniego