Forthcoming Issue

Vol 64-4 (November 2023)

On the Distributional Effects of International Tariffs
Daniel Carroll and Sewon Hur

A Panel Clustering Approach to Analyzing Bubble Behavior
Yanbo Liu, Peter C. B. Phillips and Jun Yu

Costly Information and Sovereign Risk
Grace Weishi Gu and Zachary R. Stangebye

Entrepreneur-Investor Information Design
Oleg Muratov

Catchment Areas, Stratification and Access to Better Schools
Caterina Calsamiglia and Antonio Miralles

Modeling Inter-regional Patient Mobility: Theory and Evidence from Spatially Explicit Data
Michael Irlacher, Dieter Pennerstorfer, Anna-Theresa Renner, and Florian Unger

Structural Interventions in Networks
Yang Sun, Wei Zhao, and Junjie Zhou

A Three-State Rational Greater-Fool Bubble Model with Intertemporal Consumption Smoothing
Feng Liu, Joseph S. White and John R. Conlon

UK Inflation Dynamics since the Thirteenth Century
Jim Nason and Gregor W. Smith

Highways and Globalization
Taylor Jaworski, Carl Kitchens, and Sergey Nigai

Optimal Payment Contracts in Trade Relationships
Christian Fischer-Thöne

Learning and evidence in Insurance Markets
Kym Pram

Credit Constraints, Endogenous Innovations, and Price Setting in International Trade
Carsten Eckel and Florian Unger

The Federal Reserve's Implicit Inflation Target and Macroeconomic Dynamics. A SVAR Analysis
Haroon Mumtaz and Konstantinos Theodoridis

Driven by Institutions, Shaped by Culture: Human Capital and the Secularization of Marriage in Italy
David de la Croix, Fabio Mariani and Marion Mercier

The Shaping of a Gender Norm: Marriage, Labor, and Foot-binding in Historical China
Xinyu Fan and Lingwei Wu