Working Papers by Jesus Fernandez-Villaverde

Paper Number Author Title
21-008 Jesus Fernandez-Villaverde Has Machine Learning Rendered Simple Rules Obsolete?
21-009 Jesus Fernandez-Villaverde Cryptocurrencies and All That: Two Ideas from Monetary Economics
20-010 Jesus Fernandez-Villaverde Simple Rules for a Complex World with Artificial Intelligence
19-015 Jesus Fernandez-Villaverde, Samuel Hurtado, Galo Nuno Financial Frictions and the Wealth Distribution
19-016 Jesus Fernandez-Villaverde, Federico Mandelman, Yang Yu, Francesco Zanetti Search Complementarities, Aggregate Fluctuations, and Fiscal Policy
18-023 Jesus Fernandez-Villaverde Cryptocurrencies: A Crash Course in Digital Monetary Economics
18-024 Jesus Fernandez-Villaverde, Lee Ohanian The Lack of European Productivity Growth: Causes and Lessons for the U.S.
17-008 Robert Barro, Jesus Fernandez-Villaverde, Oren Levintal, Andrew Mollerus Safe Assets
17-014 Jesus Fernandez-Villaverde, Tano Santos Institutions and Political Party Systems: The Euro Case
17-016 Thorsten Drautzburg, Jesus Fernandez-Villaverde, Pablo Guerrón-Quintana Political Distribution Risk and Aggregate Fluctuations
16-008 Jesus Fernandez-Villaverde Can Currency Competition Work?
16-027 Jesus Fernandez-Villaverde The Economic Consequences of Labor Market Regulations
15-035 Jesus Fernandez-Villaverde Magna Carta, the Rule of Law, and the Limits on Government
15-042 Jesus Fernandez-Villaverde, Juan Rubio-Ramírez, Frank Schorfheide (Fall 2021 Leave) Solution and Estimation Methods for DSGE Models
13-025 Philippe Aghion, Ufuk Akcigit, Jesus Fernandez-Villaverde Optimal Capital Versus Labor Taxation with Innovation-Led Growth
13-036 Jesus Fernandez-Villaverde, Pablo Guerrón-Quintana, Juan Rubio-Ramirez Estimating Dynamic Equilibrium Models with Stochastic Volatility
11-022 Jesus Fernandez-Villaverde, Pablo Guerrón-Quintana, Keith Kuester, Juan Rubio-Ramírez Fiscal Volatility Shocks and Economic Activity
10-016 Jesus Fernandez-Villaverde, Pablo Guerrón-Quintana, Juan Rubio-Ramirez Reading the Recent Monetary History of the U.S., 1959-2007
10-015 Jesus Fernandez-Villaverde, Pablo Guerron-Quintana, Juan Rubio-Ramírez Fortune or Virtue: Time-Variant Volatilities Versus Parameter Drifting in U.S. Data
10-014 Eric Aldrich, Jesus Fernandez-Villaverde, A. Ronald Gallant, Juan Rubio-Ramírez Tapping the Supercomputer Under Your Desk: Solving Dynamic Equilibrium Models
10-011 Jules Binsbergen, Jesus Fernandez-Villaverde, Ralph Koijen, Juan Rubio-Ramírez The Term Structure of Interest Rates in a DSGE Model with Recursive Preferences
09-018 Dario Caldara, Jesus Fernandez-Villaverde, Juan Rubio-Ramírez, Wen Yao Computing DSGE Models with Recursive Preferences
09-017 Pablo Burriel, Jesus Fernandez-Villaverde, Juan Rubio-Ramírez MEDEA: A DSGE Model for the Spanish Economy
09-013 Jesus Fernandez-Villaverde, Pablo Guerrón-Quintana, Juan Rubio-Ramírez, Martín Uribe Risk Matters: The Real Effects of Volatility Shocks
09-008 Jesus Fernandez-Villaverde The Econometrics of DSGE Models
05-018 Jesus Fernandez-Villaverde, Juan Rubio-Ramírez, Thomas J. Sargent A. B. C's (And D's) For Understanding VARS
04-034 Jesus Fernandez-Villaverde, Juan Rubio-Ramírez, Manuel Santos Convergence Properties of the Likelihood of Computed Dynamics Models
04-016 César Alonso-Borrego, Jesus Fernandez-Villaverde, José Galdón-Sánchez Evaluating Labor Market Reforms: A General Equilibrium Approach
04-005 Jesus Fernandez-Villaverde, Juan Rubio-Ramirez Estimating Dynamic Equilibrium Economies: Linear versus Nonlinear Likelihood
04-003 S. Boragan Aruoba, Jesus Fernandez-Villaverde, Juan Rubio-Ramirez Comparing Solution Methods for Dynamic Equilibrium Economies
04-002 Jesus Fernandez-Villaverde, Juan Rubio-Ramírez Some Results on the Solution of the Neoclassical Growth Model
04-001 Jesus Fernandez-Villaverde, Juan Rubio-Ramirez Estimating Nonlinear Dynamic Equilibrium Economies: A Likelihood Approach
02-044 Jesus Fernandez-Villaverde, Dirk Krueger Consumption over the Life Cycle: Some Facts from Consumer Expenditure Survey Data
02-008 Jesus Fernandez-Villaverde, Arijit Mukherji Can We Really Observe Hyperbolic Discounting?
01-046 Jesus Fernandez-Villaverde Was Malthus Right? Economic Growth and Population Dynamics
01-037 Jesus Fernandez-Villaverde, Juan Rubio-Ramirez Comparing Dynamic Equilibrium Models to Data