Working Papers

Paper Number Author Title
08-037 David Dillenberger, Philipp Sadowski "Ashamed to be Selfish"
08-036 David Dillenberger "Preferences for One-Shot Resolution of Uncertainty and Allais-Type Behavior"
08-035 Gil Shapira, Petra Todd "How Beliefs about HIV Status Affect Risky Behaviors: Evidence from Malawi"
08-034 Arianna Degan, Antonio Merlo "Do Voters Vote Ideologically?", Third Version
08-033 Antonio Merlo, Kenneth I. Wolpin "The Transition from School to Jail: Youth Crime and High School Completion Among Black Males"
08-032 Aureo de Paula "Inference in a Synchronization Game with Social Interactions", Second Version
08-031 Francis X. Diebold, Kamil Yilmaz "Macroeconomic Volatility and Stock Market Volatility, World-Wide"
08-030 Jens Christensen, Francis X. Diebold, Glenn Rudebusch "An Arbitrage-Free Generalized Nelson-Siegel Term Structure Model"
08-029 Guido Menzio, Shouyong Shi "Efficient Search on the Job and the Business Cycle"
08-028 Steven Matthews "Achievable Outcomes in Smooth Dynamic Contribution Games"
08-027 George J. Mailath "Folk Theorems with Bounded Recall under (Almost) Perfect Monitoring", Second Version
08-026 Olivier Compte, Andrew Postlewaite "Repeated Relationships with Limits on Information Processing"
08-025 Harold L. Cole "Self-Enforcing Stochastic Monitoring and the Separation of Debt and Equity Claims"
08-024 Jing Li "Information Structures with Unawareness"
08-023 Jing Li "Interactive Knowledge with Unawareness"
08-022 Jing Li "A Note on Unawareness and Zero Probability"
08-021 Jing Li "Modeling Unawareness in Arbitrary State Spaces"
08-020 Jan Eeckhout, Philipp Kircher "Sorting and Decentralized Price Competition"
08-019 George J. Mailath "Folk Theorems with Bounded Recall under (Almost) Perfect Monitoring"
08-018 Jose A. Scheinkman "The Informal Sector", Third Version
08-017 Larry Epstein, Jawwad Noor, Alvaro Sandroni "Supplementary Appendix for 'Non-Bayesian Updating: A Theoretical Framework'"
08-016 Alvaro Sandroni "Falsifiability"
08-015 Alvaro Sandroni "Strategic Manipulation of Empirical Tests"
08-014 Alvaro Sandroni "Manipulability of Future-Independent Tests"
08-013 Roberto Samaniego "Entry, Exit and Investment Specific Technical Change"
08-012 Aleksander Berentsen, Guido Menzio, Randall Wright "Inflation and Unemployment in the Long Run"
08-011 S. Boragan Aruoba, Francis X. Diebold, Chiara Scotti "Real Time Measurement of Business Conditions", Second Version
08-010 Aureo de Paula "Conditional Moments and Independence"
08-009 Wilfred J. Ethier "The Greater the Differences, the Greater the Gains?", Second Version
08-008 Wilfred J. Ethier, Roy Ruffin "External Economies of Scale and Comparative Advantage"
08-007 Bo Honore "Interdependent Durations"
08-006 Oliver Linton, Kyungchul Song, Yoon Whang "Bootstrap Tests of Stochastic Dominance with Asymptotic Similarity on the Boundary"
08-005 Kyungchul Song "Testing Distributional Inequalities and Asymptotic Bias"
08-004 Philipp Kircher "Efficiency of Simultaneous Search"
08-003 Philipp Kircher, Andrew Postlewaite "Strategic Firms and Endogenous Consumer Emulation"
08-002 Itzhak Gilboa, Andrew Postlewaite, David Schmeidler "Probability and Uncertainty in Economic Modeling", Second Version
08-001 David Cass "Utility-Based Utility", Second Version
07-036 David Cass "Utility-Based Utility"
07-035 Jose A. Scheinkman "The Informal Sector", Second Version
07-034 George J. Mailath "Reputation Effects"
07-033 Jose A. Scheinkman "The Informal Sector"
07-032 Flávio Cunha, James Heckman "The Evolution of Inequality, Heterogeneity and Uncertainty in Labor Earnings in the U.S. Economy"
07-031 Guido Menzio "A Search Theory of Rigid Prices"
07-030 Francis X. Diebold, Canlin Li, Vivian Yue "Global Yield Curve Dynamics and Interactions: A Dynamic Nelson-Siegel Approach"
07-029 Jens Christensen, Francis X. Diebold, Glenn Rudebusch "The Affine Arbitrage-Free Class of Nelson-Siegel Term Structure Models"
07-028 S. Boragan Aruoba, Francis X. Diebold, Chiara Scotti "Real-Time Measurement of Business Conditions"
07-027 Felix Kubler, Karl Schmedders "Non-parametric counterfactual analysis in dynamic general equilibrium"
07-026 Kyungchul Song "Testing Conditional Independence via Rosenblatt Transforms"
07-025 Arianna Degan, Antonio Merlo "A Structural Model of Turnout and Voting in Multiple Elections", Fourth Version
07-024 V. Bhaskar, George J. Mailath, Stephen Morris "Purification in the Infinitely-Repeated Prisoners' Dilemma", Second Version