Oslo-Penn-Toronto Conference on Macro Public Finance


Conference Money Macro Seminar

PCPSE Room 250 The Forum
United States


8:30-9:30 Registration and Breakfast
9:30-11:45 Session 1: (Optimal) Policy Design
  Omer Acikgoz, Marcus Hagedorn, Hans Holter and Yikai Wang: The Optimum Quantity of Capital and Debt
  Stephie Fried, Kevin Novan and William Peterman: Quantifying the Welfare and Equality Effects of Carbon-Tax Policy
  Uwe Thuemmel: Optimal Taxation of Robots
11:45 – 1:00 Lunch
1:00-3:15 Session 2: Idiosyncratic Risk and Social Insurance
  Elin Halvorsen, Hans Holter, Serdar Ozkan and Kjetil Storesletten: Dissecting Idiosyncratic Income Risk
  Nezih Guner, Remzi Kaygusuz and Gustavo Ventura: Rethinking the Welfare State
  Naoki Aizawa, Soojin Kim and Serena Rhee: Labor Market Screening and Social Insurance Program Design for the Disabled
3:15-3:45 Coffee Break
3:45-6:00 Session 3: Macroeconomic Consequences of Household Behavior
  Lan Lan: Understanding the Saving Behavior of Chinese Households: Intergenerational Transfers and Housing
  Adrien Auclert and Kurt Mitman: Consumer Bankruptcy as Aggregate Demand Management
  Chris Busch, Zainab Iftikhar, Dirk Krueger, Alexander Ludwig and Irina Popova: Should Germany Build a New Wall: Macroeconomic Lessons from the 2015-2020(?) Refugee Wave