Accepted Manuscript


After acceptance, please review this checklist before emailing the final version of your paper to the International Economic Review.  We will need both the source and PDF version of the final version of the manuscript.

Overview Checklist

  • Title page with the following.
    • Title.
    • Author(s)'s name(s).
    • Abstract (less than 100 words).
    • Author acknowledgment as Footnote 1 to the author.
    • Dates for manuscript submission and major revision as Footnote "*" to the title.
    • Shortened title (35 characters or less) to be used as a running head.
    • Author affiliation, including university or institution and country, placed below author name(s).
  • Original artwork for all figures.
  • The entire paper including footnotes and references double-spaced.
  • References prepared according to the Review's style.
  • Cover letter including address (if different from current location), phone and fax numbers, and e-mail address.