Guido Menzio

Professor of Economics

Professor Menzio is a theoretical macroeconomist interested in the behavior of markets characterized by search, matching and informational frictions. Some of his recent research has been devoted to the analysis of cyclical and secular fluctuations in unemployment, vacancy and workers’ flows (e.g. Inflation and Unemployment in the Long Run, AER 2011, Efficient Search on the Job and the Business Cycle, JPE 2011). In other work, he studies whether cheap-talk communication can direct the search strategy of workers and firms in the labor market (A Theory of Partially Directed Search, JPE 2007). More recently, his research has been focused on designing the optimal mechanism to redistribute income inequality caused by the presence of search frictions in the labor market.

Professor Menzio received his PhD from Northwestern University in 2005. He has been a faculty member of the Economics Department at the University of Pennsylvania since 2005. He is also a Faculty Research Fellow at the National Bureau of Economics, a co-editor of the International Economic Review and a co-organizer of the Search & Matching workshop.