New Fellows of the Game Theory Society

George J. Mailath, Professor of Economics and Walter H. Annenberg Professor in the Social Sciences, Department Chair, Andrew Postlewaite, Harry P. Kamen Professor of Economics and Professor of Finance, and Rakesh Vohra, George A. Weiss and Lydia Bravo Weiss University Professor were elected as fellows of theĀ Game Theory Society. The Fellows of the Society are a group of people honored for their contributions to game theory and service to the Society, and are a source of advice for the Steering Committee.

Founded in 1999, the Game Theory Society aims to promote the investigation, teaching, and application of game theory. Game theory studies strategic interaction in competitive and cooperative environments. It is a central tool for economics and the social sciences, poses challenging research questions in mathematics, and is applied across a wide variety of fields, including computer science, neuroscience, philosophy, and biology.