Paper Number Author Title
97-007 Francois Velde, Warren Weber, Randall Wright A Model of Commodity Money, With Application to Gresham's Law and the Debasement Puzzle
97-006 George J. Mailath, Larry Samuelson, Avner Shaked Correlated Equilibria and Local Interactions
96-10 Roger Lagunoff, Akihiko Matsui Asynchronous Choice in Repeated Coordination Games
96-09 Ricardo Lagos An Alternative Approach to Market Frictions: An Application to the Market for Taxicab Rides
96-08 Andrea Moro, Peter Norman Affirmative Action in a Competitive Economy
96-07 Stephen Morris, Hyun Shin Approximate Common Knowledge and Co-ordination: Recent Lessons from Game Theory
96-06 Stephen Morris Approximate Common Knowledge
96-05 Matthias Kahl Dynamic Liquidation, Adjustment of Capital Structure, and the Costs of Financial Distress
96-04 Harold L. Cole, George J. Mailath, Andrew Postlewaite Class Systems and the Enforcement of Social Norms
96-03 Yochanan Shachmurove Dynamic Daily Returns Among Latin American and Other Major World Stock Markets
96-02 Illtae Ahn, Matti Suominen Word-of-Mouth Communication and Community Enforcement
96-01 Christian Ghiglino, Mich Tvede Multiplicity of Equilibria
95-20 Alessandro Citanna, Herve Cres, Antonio Villancci Underemployment of Resources and Self-confirming Beliefs
95-19 Stephen Coate, Stephen Morris Policy Persistence
95-18 Atsushi Kajii, Stephen Morris The Robustness of Equilibria to Incomplete Information
95-17 Edward Green, Ruilin Zhou A Rudimentary Model of Search with Divisible Money and Prices
95-16 George J. Mailath, Larry Samuelson, Avner Shaked Correlated Equilibria and Local Interactions
95-15 Roger Lagunoff, Akihiko Matsui An "Anti-Folk Theorem" for a Class of Asynchronously Repeated Games
95-14 Harold L. Cole, George J. Mailath, Andrew Postlewaite Incorporating Concern for Relative Wealth into Economic Models
95-13 Stephen Morris Speculative Investor Behavior and Learning
95-12 Piero Gottardi, Atsushi Kajii Generic Existence of Sunspot Equilibria: The Real Asset Case
95-11 Atsushi Kajii The Sequential Regularity of Competitive Equilibria and Sunspots
95-10 Timothy Besley, Stephen Coate Efficient Policy choice in a Representative Democracy: A Dynamic Analysis
95-09 Richard Manning, Julian Manning Budget-Constrained Search
95-08 Alvaro Sandroni Necessary and Sufficient Conditions for Convergence to Nash Equilibrium: The Almost Absolute Continuity Hypothesis
95-07 Roger Lagunoff Sufficiently Specialized Economies have Nonempty Cores
95-06 Jaewoo Ryoo Statistical Discrimination, Affirmative Action, and Mismatch
95-05 Stephen Morris Co-operation and Timing
95-04 Stephen Morris Justifying Rational Expectations
95-03 Jayasri Dutta, Stephen Morris The Revelation of Information and Self-Fulfilling Beliefs
95-02 Timothy Besley, Stephen Coate An Economic Model of Representative Democracy
95-01 Alessandro Citanna, Antonio Villancci Financial Innovation and Expectations: Endogenous Incompleteness and Real Indeterminacy