Exchange Programs

Exchange programs are managed by Penn Abroad.  While there are many exchange programs to choose from that offer economics course, there are a few programs that are especially designed for our economics and mathematical economics majors and that we highly recommend.

One such program is the one at Bocconi University in Milan. (See Penn Abroad's program brochure about Bocconi.) It has one of the very best economics departments in Europe. In order to participate in the exchange you have to have declared an economics major or a mathematical economics major. You have to have completed MATH 104 and 114 (or 115), ECON 1 and 2, and ECON 101. While at Bocconi you can choose courses that are taught in English, but you are required by Penn Abroad to complete Italian 110 prior to departure.

If you are interested in this program, please first contact Penn Abroad and subsequently get in touch with the Associate Undergraduate Chair of the Department of Economics to discuss which courses to take and how to receive transfer credits.

To find out more about Bocconi University, take a look at their Exchange Students page or the the university's homepage.