Admission to the Major

To be admitted to the Economics major, students must have completed ECON 1 and 2 by the end of their sophomore year, they must have completed two Economics courses at the University of Pennsylvania with a minimum combined GPA of 2.0 (or have taken ECON 101, and be currently enrolled in ECON 102), and they must have at least completed MATH 104, and be registered for the second semester of calculus 114 or 115.

The calculus prerequisite for the major and for economics 101, 102, and the upper level courses is one year of calculus equivalent to Math 104/114 or 104/115. 

The introductory courses (ECON 1 and 2) do not have a calculus prerequisite. They can be taken concurrently with or prior to the calculus classes.

All intermediate-level and advanced economics courses for the major require MATH 104 and MATH 114 or 115 as prerequisite.

If a student receives a grade of at least A- in ECON 10, then ECON 10 can be used to satisfy the economics prerequisites for ECON 101.

Students wishing to declare an Economics Major should see Emily Romanello, the Undergraduate Coordinator. Once admitted to the major, an Economics faculty advisor is assigned to assist in the selection of courses and to advise on any questions related to the major.

When a student declares an Economics Major, the student will be automatically registered on the department major electronic mailing list. This list will be used periodically for notices and events from the Department and the Undergraduate Economics Society.