Current Issue

Vol 58-3 (August 2017)

An Anatomy of U.S. Personal Bankruptcy under Chapter 13
Hülya Eraslan, Gizem Kosar, Wenli Li, and Pierre-Daniel Sarte

New Exporter Dynamics
Kim J. Ruhl and Jonathan L. Willis

Efficient Learning and Job Turnover in the Lab Market
Fei Li and Xi Weng

Dynamic Mechanism Design for a Global Commons
Rodrigo Harrison and Roger Lagunoff

Strategic Advertising and Directed Search
Pedro Gomis-Porqueras, Benoit Julien, and Chengsi Wang

Markups and the Real Effects of Volatility Shocks
Hernán D. Seoane

Bayesian Persuasion with Private Experimentation
Mike Felgenhauer and Petra Loerke

A Nonparametric Test for Comparing Valuation Distributions in First-Price Auctions
Nianqing Liu and Yao Luo

Employment Adjustment and Labor Utilization
Ija Trapeznikova

Gains for Trade
Christopher P. Chambers and Takashi Hayashi

Government Spending, Entry and the Consumption Crowding-in Puzzle
Vivien Lewis and Roland Winkler

Global Population Growth, Technology, and Malthusian Constraints: A Quantitative Growth Theoretic Perspective
Bruno Lanz, Simon Dietz, and Tim Swanson

Business Cycles in Small Open Economies: Evidence Panel Data between 1900 and 2013
Wataru Miyamoto and Thuy Lan Nguyen