Job Market Candidates

Information about the job market candidates for the 2016-17 academic year.

Placement Officers: Placement Coordinator:
Iourii Manovskii
Associate Professor of Economics

Andrew Postlewaite
Professor of Economics
Kelly A Quinn
Graduate Program Coordinator
Main Department: 215-898-7701
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Name Fields of Interest Title of Job Market Paper Advisor(s)
Rodrigo Azuero Applied Microeconomics, Development Economics, Labor Economics, Applied Econometrics Evaluating Early Childhood Policies: An Estimable Model of Family Child Investments Petra Todd
Alberto Ciancio Political Economy, Public Economics, Economics of Crime, Program Evaluation, Applied Econometrics The Impact of Immigration Policies on Local Enforcement, Crime and Policing Efficiency
Camilo Garcia-Jimeno
Petra Todd
Mustafa Dogan Microeconomic Theory, Contract Theory, Mechanism Design, Industrial Organization. Dynamic Incentives For Self-Monitoring George Mailath
Daniel Hauser Microeconomic Theory, Game Theory, Dynamic Games, Industrial Organization Promoting a Reputation for Quality
Aislinn Bohren
George Mailath
Juan Hernandez Macroeconomics, International macroeconomics, Finance. How International Reserves Reduce the Probability of Debt Crises Enrique Mendoza
Nick Janetos Applied Microeconomic Theory, Social Norms, Political Economy Fads and Imperfect Information Steven Matthews
Ami Ko
Yunan Li Microeconomic Theory, Mechanism Design Mechanism Design with Financially Constrained Agents and Costly Verification Rakesh Vohra
Laura Liu Econometrics, Macroeconomics, Financial Economics Density Forecasts in Panel Data Models: A Semiparametric Bayesian Perspective
Francis Diebold
Frank Schorfheide
Yang Liu Asset Pricing, Macroeconomics, International Finance Government Debt and Risk Premia Amir Yaron
Rossa O'Keeffe-O'Donovan Development Economics, Social Economics, Public Economics Water, Spillovers and Free Riding: Provision of Local Public Goods in a Spatial Network Camilo Garcia-Jimeno
Eun-young Shim Labor Economics, Development Economics, Program Evaluation Valuing School Choice: Using a Randomized Experiment to Validate Welfare Evaluation of Private School Vouchers Kenneth Wolpin
Jan Tilly Labor Economics, Industrial Organization Employment and Welfare Effects of Short-Time Work Hanming Fang
Daniel Wills Macroeconomics Taxing Firms Facing Financial Frictions
Dirk Krueger
Harold Cole